Event: Obagi's 11th Anniversary in the Philippines

I've always been curious (okay, desperate..) to try Obagi products...but whenever my dermatologist would advise me to use it... by budget can't afford it. Recently though, I have gotten to know this popular brand of skincare in a level that I am now convinced that it worth paying for.

When I received the invite for the bloggers get together that Obagi will be holding, I just had to say yes. Who wouldn't, right? Me and the rest of the attendees got to learn about all the different kind of skincare of Obagi. How exclusive it is that is only provided by certified physician.

One of the things that got me focused on was the CLENZIderm M.D. System. Sophia Uy of Beautynomics is a big fan and now I am now considering to invest my savings on a set of the Normal to Oily variant. The science of the CLENZIderm is unlike other skincare system I know. It is very simple and yet complex that has convinced me to try it. I will talk about it more once it comes in stock again in House of Obagi. Apparently, this is one of the best-seller skincare system of Obagi.

Aimee Demarais explained to that Clenziderm would be the best skincare system amongst the Obagi range as I take the Acnetrex. It would hasten the recovery of my acne and it would help my skin renew and mosturized as since Acnetrex tends to be drying while taking it. I am very excited and I can't wait to get my very own set.

Sophia Uy with Obagi International Trainer, Aimee Demarais, and Jeff Sinclair, the Director of Asia Pacific Sales for Obagi

Aimee Demarais looking so fabulous.Her skin is so smooth and it looks as if she doesn't even have makeup on. If you stare at her, your next move is to whip out that credit card and get a set of OBAGI NuDerm.

Don't we all want a skin as soft and smooth as this flower?

Eileen Marcelo introduces Aimee Demarais. Eileen was the one responsible for bringing together the bloggers at this event. Like Aimee, her skin is flawless.

Me with Aimee Demarais and Jeff Sinclair.

Trixie of Cosmo.ph and company.

Phoebe of Phoebeann.me

Roanne of Allthevanity.com

Ate Jen of KikayCorner.net

Jeff, Jen's husband came as well. :)

Sophia of Beautynomics.com

Tara of Chroniclesofvanity.com

BFF's Dang and Tara

Dang and I

Roanne, Liz, Sophia and Phoebe

We all had a wonderful time learning about skincare. It was a great way to bond with fellow bloggers I only get to communicate online. To learn how Obagi really works and the science behind it. It is amazing how in 6 1/2 weeks, your skin could be the same as that when you were a child... smooth, rosy and young-looking. It only made more sense that Obagi is such a coveted skincare brand here in our country. The way it devotes everything its got to make your skin the best version there is.

much love,

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  1. ey Shen,

    i just want to share that i the one obagi product i love and on my 2nd bottle is their acne clearing solution. the one with erythromycin. sold at their clinics for less than PhP500. it's super effective.


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