New Hair Color with INOA and Pureology, Going Darker for Ber Months

The day I got my darker hair back was spent inside one of the best salons in the city. I wanted to try INOA, the hair color with no ammonia, so bad that I cleared my sched one day when I was asked to try it. I jumpre immediately for the opportunity of course. :)

Although I love my lighter hair color, maintaining it was a bit tedious with the regrowth. Since it was the colder months, I figured that going darker would be a great idea.

At Frank Provost Bonifacio Global City I went one rainy Tuesday afternoon.

The staff was very friendly. I thought it would be too intimidating but I was wrong. Everyone was really nice and accomodating. After chatting for quite a bit, I decided for the color that I wanted. I chose Cool Brown 6.23.

My Hair Stylist preparing the base color for my hair.

First thing first was to darken my hair. Since I had lighter shade, they had to darken it so that the color that I wanted will show. If not, the results won't be the same.

enjoying my blow dry

After shampoo and some blow dry, the main shade was applied. My hair didn't smell like ammonia. No stinging and my scalp seem to not notice that my hair was getting colored. I usually would itch at the middle of the waiting time but with INOA, it didn't. Well, I'm just really glad I didn't have to smell that awful ammonia that usually bothers my sinus.

Shampoo time! I love the smell of INOA's in-salon post-color shampoo. It smelled really nice. Maybe I could find a way to take it home. Hmmm...

 I highly suggest getting hair treatments taht could help hair texture after every hair coloring. You know how much I love Pureology and now that they have In-Salon treatment, I knew I just had to try it. What was done to me whas the Super Smooth Treatment that'll keep my hair looking soft, flowing and shiny. Pureology is really the best partner for colored hair since it has Anti-Fade Complex. The ingredients are completely natural that it won't interfere with your hair color. Rather, it will help it look more vibrant.

Pureology have hair masks for different needs of the hair and you can do this treatment at home. But many of us don't have that luxury and who wouldn't want a free back massage while waiting for the treatment to finish?

And lastly, blow drying the hair to appreciate the color a lot better.

The results, a fall-season worthy hair. INOA's Cool Brown in 6.23 looked splendid on my Asian skin. I love how fair my skin looks with this hair color. I definitely left Frank Provost as a very happy clientele. :)

Other Lifestyle and Fashion Bloggers were arlso there with me to get their hair colored with INOA as well.

Jane of Stylekit

Earth of Earthlingorgeous

Y2 of L'oreal and Donna of Pureology

So if you're dying to get your hair colored but don't want the hassle of ammonia and ruining your beautiful locks, I highly recommend INOA. Ask your favorite salon for that. And if you want to maintain your healthy hair even with hair color, you can achieve that with Pureology's organic products.

Have you tried INOA? Do you plans of trying it out? What did you think of my new hair color?

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  1. your new hair color is pretty! pretty! it really looks good on you! : )

  2. How much did it cost you? :)

  3. hi Roma! INOA is about 20% higher than regular hair color. if your regular hair color is about 1700, add 20% to that. mine cost a lot more since they had to darken my hair pa. Pureology treatments are the same about 20% more expensive than other treatments. :) really worth the price you pay.. :)


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