The Body Shop's Smoke and Fire Eyeshadow Collection

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The Body Shop Smoke and Fire Collection

Smokey eyes are the trend for Fall 2010 and The Body Shop Autumn Collection, the Smoke and Fire, is exactly that. Smokey eyes have always been a favorite amongst many artists and celebrities. It gives that draws attention to the eyes as well it can cause a good dramatic look. As for this author, I'm pretty psyched with this collection. I would die for an excure to do smokey eyes anytime of the day. Yes, even mornings. I do wish that I became a model just for the simple fact that models get to wear makeup a lot. :) Thank goodness, I found beauty blogging does the same time.

The Body Shop Eye Colour Midnight Blue, Velvet Green and Golden Peach

The Body Shop Eye Colour Midnight Blue, Velvet Green and Golden Peach
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Midnight Blue

It's a myth that fair skinned women are the only once who can wear blue eyeshadow. We morenas can actually pull off this Midnight Velvet eye shadow that can be used wet for intensity or dry for fast application. Make that eyes pop and alluring during the rainy days with a blue eyeshadow that can compete with the gloomy days. :)

Velvet Green

Green eyeshadow fits all Filipina from fair to dark skin tones and many can attest to that. And this shade is one of the most impressive shade of verdant I've ever seen. This is really an attention-grabbing eye shadow but it grabs the good kind of attention. This will definitely enhance your eyes like crazy. If you like clubbing and donning dresses this is the best eyeshadow to compliment you.

Golden Peach

Of course, a good smokey eyes needs a good highlighter and this Golden Peach is the right answer for that. This shades is best for highlight, tearjust, higlighting the lower eyelids and tracing the inner part of the tear lines for accentuating eyes. During a simple date or a lunch with the girls, you can just swipe this over your eyelids, apply your eyeliner and mascara andyou're good to go. :)

Swatches of Midnight Blue, Green Velvet and Golden Peach

Aren't they gorgeously pigmented? And that's just the picture. Just imagine how they look in person. :)

The Body Shop Eye Colour is available at all The Body Shops branches for only Php595.00 each.

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  1. I love the golden peach shadow. It's soo pretty! Thanks for the swatches.


  2. I should try those colors :) thanks

  3. I saw them and even didn't taste the shadow :(
    I am in love with the Velvet green

  4. holy crap those are gorgeous! I didn't know TBS had such pretty eye colors...def going to pick up the blue and peach now :)

  5. I especially love the green one! It just kinda draws you into it o.0

  6. the Velvet Green shade is gorgeous!!!

  7. Golden Peach looks divine!

  8. oh man. i never seem to check the body shop! they look awesome!


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