Revlon Creme Gloss and Friendship

Happy Happy Monday!!

I am just a happy camper today. I'll be seeing friends tonight. :) I can't wait. Friends are important in my life. Being an only child, I consider my friends as family especially when I lost my mom. I guess, my friends and boyfriend filled in the void. I consider my friends pieces of my mom. I have friends who would always boost me up and cheer me on just like my mom. I also have friends who tells me when I'm wrong and when I have to change something to become a better person just exactly what my mom would do. And I'm lucky that ALL of them are there to listen to me and make me feel I'm not alone.

When it comes to makeup, I consider the lipgloss just like a friend. It's a relatively young makeup but it has changed our lives. Much like a friend does. It seems that like a dear 'ol friend, lip gloss has never left my side. Even when my lipstick ran out from the eating, drinking... and talking... my lipgloss is there to save the day.

But recently, I got to try Revlon Creme Gloss and it has made me see lipglosses in a whole different perpective. Like my friend just had a makeover!

It's not sticky-icky
It's sooo creamy
Glides on smoothly
Gives an even application
Has fabulous pigmentation
Has that lipstick with lipgloss effect
Last longer than regular lipgloss
Doesn't taste funky
Makes my lips look luscious

Crush-on Coral. Peachy Sheen. Patent Leather Pink.

Brush-tip wand and twist applicator makes applying a lot easier and a lot less messier.

Crush on Coral. Peachy Sheen. Patent Leather Pink.

Crush on Coral is a shimmery orange-y/coral tint.

If this shade is my friend, she's the one who loves shopping and looks for bargain find at flea markets, anything that screams fabulous. We would probably see Sex and the City together and drool over how fasyon everyone is. She's the one I would instantly ask what would look good on me because she is so style savvy.

Crush-on Coral on my lips.

Peachy Sheen is a sleek peachy shade that

If this is my friend, she's who loves anything vintage and floral. She's like a Charlotte in a paisley frock and peep-toe pumps. She's a dreamer, a girl who loves anything romantic. She's very much in love and she's the girl that every guy dreams of presenting to his family. She's prim and proper but with a tinge of spice. I'm not surprise to see a big diamond ring on her finger. Oh! I'm sure she'll look pretty in a Vera Wang wedding gown.

Peachy Sheen on my lips that has a hint of shimmer

Patent Leather Pink gives a shiny shimmery pink shade

If this is my friend, this is the one whom I rate guys with while we scout them at the malls. She's the one in constant high-heels and not afraid to party. Oh yes! She dances like nobody does. She's the artsy one. She paints like no tomorrow. Men can't help but fawn over this independent woman. Oh! and she drives fast, too.

Patent Leather Pink on my lips.

Don't you just agree that sometimes makeups are our friend? It makes us feel good about ourselves and it ensures we are at best. Gives us confidence when we need it and compliments us the best possible way.

Because of makeup, I was also able to gain quite a few great friends... and tonight, I'd see them again. Which shade do you think I should use tonight?

much love,

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  1. Hello Miss Shen!

    Happy Monday morning too!(^_^)

    Wow! Nice Revlon Creme Gloss!
    I loved it! It really suits to your pouty lips.
    I most liked the Crush-on Coral for you.
    It's not that dark and it's not that light. Simple but for sure you will look more beautiful tonight with your friends.

    Enjoy your night later with your friends.

    *I just subscribed in your blog last Saturday, and I found this blog interesting and for sure this will serve as my inspiration too to look beautiful just like u...
    I'm not kidding for any reasons but honestly I will love to hear more of your addictions either make ups or any trends of fashion.=)

    More Power!

  2. my fave is patent leather pink.

  3. My comment is already late but I bet you wore the Peachy Sheen :) Tama ba? hehe

  4. nice! :) the colors really pop!

    btw, what do you use to photograph your stuff? do you use a light box or is it just good lighting? hehe thanks.

  5. OH WOW!!! such gorgeous colors, I am in love, what a beautiful lip gloss!!!!! :) and I totally loved your little descriptions/stories!!! Didn't expect that, haha!!! You were very accurate heehee!!! Loved them :)))

    great post!

  6. OH WOW!!! such gorgeous colors, I am in love, what a beautiful lip gloss!!!!! :) and I totally loved your little descriptions/stories!!! Didn't expect that, haha!!! You were very accurate heehee!!! Loved them :)))

    great post!

    xx Denise from Greece ^__^
    this is my blog:


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