Levi's I Belive Badge Contest

Contest Time!!

The time of change is the time for believing. In order to change our life and style, we need to believe that there is really something out there for us. Something that would inspire change in us. Quite admittedly, the past few years have been so difficult for me. But since I didn't stop believing in myself to surpass all the challenges that was thrown at me, I found out that change is not too intimidating and that it is something I really needed.

The big change that happened in me didn't seem to so wonderful at first. I really thought I was being punished or something. It took me a long time to believe that that change was indeed for the better.

We all undergo changes and oftentimes, we try to veer away from it. Maybe, this is the time to finally admit that change is good and that it's time that we start believing in something again.

Let me make changing and believing a little more fun to you guys.

Levi's, the brand that changed how we see our jeans wants to know what we believe in. And if you're creative enough, you'll get a change to win a Php1,000.00 worth of gift certificate.

All you have to do are the following:

1. Think of something that you truly believe in.
2. Take a picture of yourself representing that belief. (You can even include your friends and loved ones, even your pet!)
3. Go to Levi's I Believe Facebook App ---> Click I Believe.
4. Upload your picture and type in what you believe in.
5. Share your I Believe Badge on your Facebook Wall. Attract your friends to join this contest and make their I Believe Badge.
6. Make this badge your Facebook Profile Pic for the duration of the contest. On the description of your profil pic, write "Please visit http://apps.facebook.com/ibelieve-badge/ to make your own Levi's I Believe bagde."
7. Comment here the link to your facebook page so we can keep track of your entry.
8. Please follow Shen's Addiction.

Three winners will be chosen base on the originality and creativity of the badges. :)

The three winners will receive Php1,000 worth of Levi's GCs each. Winning entries will be featured on the Levi's GWI website once it's up and running.

Contest will start today, August 23, 2010 and end on September 15, 2010 (my birthday)

Please take note:
1. Don't use photos of celebrities.
2. You may use photoshop or other photo editing tools to help with your creative process.
3. No need for lengthy explanations. Concise is better. :)


much love,

This contest is brought to you by Levi's. :)

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  2. Shen please count me in.
    I follow your blog and FB page.
    Here's the link to my badge

    hidburn ecra-mil

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  5. I believe each family is a legacy to the world.
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  7. Moms rock and rule!
    I hope I can treat myself to this Levi’s luxury.
    Profile http://tinyurl.com/FBjermae
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    email: hjermae_88 at yahoo . com

  8. Here's my entry:

  9. Here’s my entry:


    Love isn’t about gender. It is as the biblical passage says: love is kind, love is patient.

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  11. shen please include me here :)
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