Product Review: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel liner (Brown)

Did you know that eye liners are the most difficult thing for me to do when doing my makeup? Honestly, i find it easier to apply false eyelashes than lining my eyes. I always make extra effort when do this task because 1) I have shaky hands and 2) I have shaky hands.

Fortunately though that I found out about gel liners. I first got introduced to this mid way to my makeup addiction in 2008. My first was MAC Fluidline. It was amazing. With MAC's 266 brush, lining my eyes became a much sought after habit for me. Since then I hardly go out without a gel liner to accencuate my eyes.

Unfortunately though, the price of MAC Fluidline does not always fit in my budget and after i emptied the pot, i was loathe to get another because of the price.

Last year, I made a stunning discovery when I visited my all-time favorite makeup brand, maybelline. There I saw the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel liner. I immediately picked up one. This time though, in brown. Even prior to the wonderful reviews I've read on this product, I didn't think twice in getting it. The best thing about this is that, each gel liner comes with an liner brush. For Php399, it certainly was a great deal. Don't you think so?

Maybelline lasting Drama Gel Liner in 02 Brown
Each pot will come in this container.

Inside is your new gel liner and the brush with its brush guard.

Swatches under flash
(a lot more darker with no flash and in person)

What it promises
Quick Dry
Intense Color
Last all day
Smudge-proof and

Did it all hold true?
1. Quick Dry - Yes it is. Takes less than a minute for this to dry. I usually apply a thick liner but this one is yet to smudge on my eye lids.
2. Intense Color - Yes, the gel liner is highly pigmented. One application is usually enough for a thin application. You really wouldn't have to work to hard to use this because of the highly intense pigmentation.
3. Last all day - As long as you don't rub your eyes, it will stay on the whole day (or at least til you wish to remove it). For oily eyelids, an eye primer and an eyeshadow wash is recommended. I've never used this alone sine I have extremely oily eyelids. eek.
4. Smudge-proof - Smudging can happen in a lot of way. As long as you avoid any hand contact to your eyes and avoid squinting too much, this really is smudge-proof.
5. Water-proof - Just a bit. To wit, I accidentally went in the shower when i haven't properly removed my makeup. It stained a little, but nothing that I can't fix with a few wipes around the corner of my eyes. There wasn't any messy staining at all. I don't recommend this for swimming though. On humid weather, it may stain a little.

What I love...
1. Inexpensive and affordable (Php449.00)
2. Available in a lot of department stores and Maybelline counters
3. Easy to remove with my Maybelline Eye makeup remover.
4. No panda eyes.
5. Lasts a longtime on my waterline (but I don't recommend this to anyone)
6. Easy to use!

What I don't...

The free liner brush. Love.

Although I am in love with my bent liner brush from Charm Brushes and MAC 266, the brush that came along with Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner can really do its job. Its great that a brush comes with the gel liner since one really needs a brush when using this type of liner. One good thing is that this brush is user-friendly. For someone who have shaky hands like I do, this brush makes application easier.

rough application of Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in 02 Brown
There are some specks of glitter but noting too obvious in person.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this gel liner and will definitely buy one again when I finish this pot. It's one way to save up as well this never ending makeup addiction.

How about you? Have you tried gel liners? Share your experience by commenting below please!!

much love,

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  1. so excited to use mine :) I just have enough gel liners for now pero after reading your review, i'm excited!

  2. I use MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and while I love its staying power, I actually miss using liquid eyeliner. Putting on gel liner takes me a lot longer and it's a bit more difficult to erase if I make a mistake.

  3. I like this liner too, though I have it in black. An affordable yet effective product. :P

  4. Do they have a new line of gel liner? I thought I bought the same one as yours. But the color and the brush are completely different! Yours look waaay better. I hardly wore mine..hmm..
    Will try again..U__U maybe mine dried out..

  5. Nice review Shen! :) It flatters your haircolor. My sister has that too, but as you said, the product is a lot darker in person. - Trace

  6. i have this in black and brown =) love ko talaga sha coz I bought it last january and till now its still creamy..

  7. i was at pcx rockwell just this afternoon and saw that one. wasn't really sure if i should get it but after your review, i might get one this weekend!

    great review!

  8. I have one too! I bought mine just last Friday and I've been using it eversince. I'm loving this more than my pencil eyeliners since this is, as you have said, really pigment and a little goes a long way. I will get the black one soon, maybe next month. Enjoy ko muna the brown shade for everyday wear :)

  9. ate shen,how's your baby na? saw your status messages on fb kaso error lagi fone ko,couldn't leave comments..i hope he's alright na..let's pray for his health, sa vet parin cia? we had a pug dati and he's chubby talaga,takaw super and ang tamad naman kahit konti yung serving nia ng dog food, hayun hindi pumapayat..and then one time wla tao sa bahay for a few hours lang, when my sis and dad came home ayun namatay siya sa cage nia..why? nagka stroke daw siya,kasi parang naipit yung leg niya dun sa isang part ng cage,kasi lagi niya sinisira yung area na yun,tapos siguro nagpanic siya na hindi niya matanggal yung paw niya,ayun..super sad kami nun,naiiyak nalang kami ng sis ko kasi kahit kulit siya and ang dami kasi namin pets,namimiss namin siya..kahit isa lang siya sa pets namin you feel sad and helpless kasi wala ka nagawa for him at the time when it happened..

    anyway,i hope na gumaling na baby mo ate shen..

    back to the beauty related comment. love love ko din maybelline gel liner, it took me several months to finally have it kasi lagi OOS dito pampanga..yung fluidline ko din na galing ko bkk pinagtyagaan ko kahit super dried up na! hehe but i use black though, my mom loves the brown :)

  10. thanks ^_^ now i think i can get my own maybelline gel liner na...been seeing this pot at shopwise but was kindda hesitant...

  11. @nikki, its super nice! :) i really like it! can't wait to see your review!

    @lauren, for beginners, gel liners are a good start. but for us who got the hang of using liners, liquid ones are great choices too!

    @pammy, so true!!

    @aisyah, i'm sure it hasn't. mine was left open for one whole day and it didn't even change consistency.

    @trace, yes it is darker in person. hehehe!!

    @khymm, i super agree. i also have it in black, too. :) hehehe!

    @mia, get one! i'm sure you'll be able to use and practice with it. :)

    @lanie, the brown one is great to get use to using gel liner. :) get the black one for a more defined eyes.

    @miemie, if you need anything here. just message me and i can ship it to you para di ka magwait for stuff you like!

    @lynx, don't be! this is a great way to get those winged eyes look!

  12. I'm excited to buy my first gel eyeliner :)

  13. i get compliments with this liner, pero sometimes, it smudges on me. any tips para hindi mag-smudge?

  14. Hi Shen! I got the same gel liner and I was wondering, how do you clean the brush? Mine's all stiff now... :(

  15. Scatterbraintures14/8/11 5:31 PM

    Over time, the brush splays, but still, the gel liner is good.  I apply it with a Japonesque liner brush. P.S. I love the tiny natural looking wing you do.


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