The Face Shop Nail Color: Mint Condition

Happy Mondays, Ladies!

I was walking the streets of Bonifacio High when I suddenly realized that The Face Shop has moved to a much smaller place, a few boutiques from where it used to be. I thought it a good reason to go in and check out how they fit the many products they have in such small place.

Well, they could and quite efficiently too. But what caught my eye was this nail polish color that I was coveting from a different nail color brand. It's bee a color I've been obsessing with for quite a while now and it is apparent in my blog's template.

It's the color Mint or pastel Teal (lol). I love the cool tone of it. It's just a color I'm falling for day by day.

I'm glad though I didn't habe to spend a lot to get color on my nails. The Face Shop nail colors are only Php85.00 each.

The world at the palm of my hands. :)

Excused the butchered nail application. I'm just getting used to applying it on my own.
Do help me out, how do I prevent bubbles from showing up? It's getting quite frustrating. :)

much love,

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  1. If you are getting bubbles when you apply nail polish, you aren't letting the first coat dry completely before applying another coat.

    Best thing to do is apply each coat thinly and give it time to completely dry.

    Don't apply the polish too thickly too.

  2. Weee! Too beautiful, partner! :) And I suck too much at nail polish application, parang lalake ang naglagay :D

  3. a very cute shade! sis, to prevent bubbles, do not shake your nail polish hard, just rub it between the palm of your hands. Tapos do not apply it in front of the electric fan or something :D

  4. nice color! i'm digging this type of shades too. i've worn chanel nouvelle vague for a week, and im planning to wear china glaze for audrey tonight!

    regarding bubbles,

    don't shake the bottle, just roll it on your palm.

    avoid applying in front of a fan.

    let the polish dry a bit before layering.

    TFS lowered their prices na? thought it was around 100 a bottle, must visit them soon!

  5. What a cute nail color!!

  6. I love Face shop nail polish. The quality is good and its not over priced. I just wish they have more color choices like taupe. I'm more on the neutral tones when it comes to nail polish because I have a morena skin tone.

  7. Half the time, bubbles = bad nail polish OR too heavy of an application

  8. Yeah, I have this polish and the quality's pretty bad. Bubbles would always appear when I applied it. Go for a better-quality nail polish if you want this shade!


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