New! The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Japan - Zen it at home

Zen is the word in mind when I set my eyes on the newest Spa Wisdom range from The Body Shop. Having been a perputual fan our their Africa line, I couldn't wait to get my hands on these beauties as it interprets the beauty and lushness of the countryside of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Feel like a beautiful geisha as you lather yourself with only Community Trade ingredients of Yuku Fruits, Adzuki Beans, Green Tea and Japanese Apricot. Indulge in the rituals that are practiced in all the spa all over Japan.

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Japan

Adzuki Bean and Rice Shower Gel

Free yourself from the harmful polulation that tends to cling our skin at the end of the day with with Adzuki Bean and Rice Shower Gel. The thin notes of the scent of this product will settle nicely in your system while it effectively yet gently removes the day's grimes away.

Adzuki Beans and Rice Washing Grains

Bless your skin with a weekly scrub of Adzuki Beans and Rice Washing Grains. This all over scrub will exfoliate your face and body, a ritual is richly deserves after a week's worth of stress and harmful environmental exposures.

Yuku & Green Tea Bathing Salts

So what if we don't have a bath tub? This Yuku & Green Tea Bathing Salts will be a nice addition to our pail water. Not so keen on mixing it with water? Maximize this product as a gentle exfoliator you enjoy during the middle of week when you just feel like you want to give up from the workload you have.

Yuzu and Rice Body Milk

Spritz Yuzu and Rice Body Milk all over your body just before your pretty head hits the pillow. The wonderful scent will provide a relaxing mood for the much needed beauty sleep you deserve. This fast-absorbing body spray is high in anti-oxidant that will keep you skin supple as you wake up in the morning.

Apricot and Rice Finishing Mist

Don't nod off just yet. Spray some Apricot and Rice Finishing Mist on your PJ's and pillows and even all over body to give ready your senses for a relaxing sleep.

When it comes to sleeping, I pride myself as an authority on it. I make sure that my good night sleep is not just good, it has to be great. For me, the rituals that entails a good night sleep is always with a shower. A long luxurious shower and the smell of clean skin has always been my surety in having the best sleep every night. That is why I couldn't be more excited with this newest range as it promotes relaxing and clean smooth skin.

much love,

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom is available at your favorite The Body Shop branch.

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  1. this line is not avail in my country yet..
    It sounds calming.. I'll surely check this out as soon as it's avail

  2. sounds promising. i am addicted to scrubs, i've tried salt, sugar, mineral and seed grain scrubs. haven't tried rice, so i have to get a jat of this.


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