Movie: You To Me Are Everything (Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes)

What a great movie.

For a Tagalog/Filipino film that is.

There's nothing about it that screams Oscars, Cannes or what not. But it definitely delivered in terms of making me laugh, cry and reminisce those days I was starting to fall in love. I love the conflict and undeniable attraction of the lead charcters. What I love about Pinoy romantic films are their ability to make a person giddy without the need for too much lip-smacking and tongue-twisting actions. I was clearly at the edge of my seat when Rafael (played by Dingdong Dantes) was trying to teach Iska (Played by Marian Rivera) to kiss but their lips barely met... It was truly a kilig moment for me.

To make it simple, the film is a typical Cinderella story wherein the barrio girl was made an heiress by her estranged deceased father leaving her millions with two wicked step-sisters. The hero of the film had it all but lost it due to a family scandal. Both exchanged places but managed to meet and fall in love. But how would they know if they are really loved for what they are and not what they have.

Dingdong and Marian are true to life couple. The film definitely exuded the right amount of emotions but without having blatantly put out there. Meaning, you know the first moment they knew they fell in love. I was also impressed with Jaclyn Jose's accent that people of Benguet does have when speaking Tagalog. Kuhang-kuhang niya. The majestic view of the rice terraces definitely tugged my heart to visit the place. I'm from the north after all.

The story really reminded me of one of those romance novels I read where the hero and heroine are always in conflict that you wish they would just kiss to release the tension. I was in contast state of kilig feeling through out the film. If you're looking for a really cheesy movie, this is it for you.

The fans of Dongyan (moniker given to the couple similar to Brangelina and Bennifer), will have a feast on this film. The couple did extremely well in the movie. There was no trying hard part at all. Not even with Isabel Oli, who played the fiance of Dingdong Dantes at the beginning of the film. Even the two step sisters weren't that irritating of a contrabida. It was also a nice change of plot that the step mother (played by Pinky Amador) isn't a wicked one but very supportive of having to share millions to a near stranger.

The movie really is very simple but the minute parts in it made it really a fun watch for me. Having watched too many Tagalog film, this is really one movie I advise everyone to watch.

Marian Rivera played the role of provinciana really well. Really natural. Her exceptional beauty and soft skin was apparent through out the movie and you'd wonder where she got a massive collection of summer maxi dresses. I love that her eyes are kept simple and clean, her cheeks pink enough to fake a perpetual flush and her lips uberly lush.

Dingdong's stance will say it all. Magnificent actor, this guy is. Macho to boot. He speaks English and Tagalog really well. No awkward barok moment at all. This is the reason why I love him!!! He played the millionaire tycoon really well. But at the same time, when he humbled down at the end of the film he was also very convincing.

Snowy, the pet piglet in the film will also make you yearn for a pet of your own. As for me, I missed my beautiful pups everytime I saw him.

The theme song isn't that corny at all. I love that its sang by Kyla. :)

Seeing the scenes of Jaclyn Jose and Marian Rivera play the mother and daughter role made me miss my mom the more. Sniff.

Overall, You To Me Are Everything is one big feel good movie. Something, you shouldn't miss.

You know what pushed me to watch it? It's the enticing trailer!! Watch it!

Grade: A

much love,

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