Filing for a Leave of Absence

Dear Readers,

Hello! My anniversary contest has ended at the end of April 30th. Thank you for joining and those who weren't able to join, I'm conducting an ongoing contest at my new site

I'll also be conducting the draws for the winner of the Anniversary contest this coming week.. guess what? There will be about SEVEN (7) winners from this contest!!! I figured with this much blessings, I have to share them to a lot of you. If only I could give a token to each and everyone who joined but my budget for shipping can't accommodate that. :( Also, some prizes are yet to sent to my residence so you may have to wait a bit for that. :)

There will also be a new contest coming up, sponsored by a beauty brand. That will also be exciting.

But please do bear my short absences for the next few days as the holiday is gearing me for changes that is happening in my real life that may cause for me to adjust a few major things. I have a lot of posts coming up and based on other beauty blogger posts, you may have an idea what those will be. However, I'll be rallying and juggling a few things and sadly though, blog must come at the end of my priorities for the time being. I truly am sorry... :(

I truly appreciate the support you've been giving to Shen's Addiction. Please do visit from time to time for an updated post. :)

See you all very soon!!

much love,

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  1. will be waiting for you..

    hope that everything is going well,sweetie

  2. I will miss your posts, partner! But I wish you well in your endeavors :) I'm sure you'll succeed because you're a talented and good person :)


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