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When I use to work for a very reputable and prestigious magazine, events were overflowing, press kits everywhere and gift packs surrounding the whole office. It was one of the things that I miss about the magazine industry. To get to try the latest products and to learn what they are from the materials provided by the brands.

What i didn't realize of late was that my blog is slowly becoming just that. Events, press kits on my emails and gifts packs being sent. Its not as many as those received by beauty editors but even with a few of it makes me feel like I am my own beauty editor.

If you ask me how this happened, I really don't know how. But being a blogger and a new medium of press is quite hard since we are a one-woman team. From taking pictures, watermarking, testing, writing and uploading. It really is a difficult job for a woman. What more for someone who has a day job like Nikki, Sophie, Jheng and Jaimie? I'm lucky enough to have a day job that gives me flexible time at work so I can attend these events for for my blog. I assure you that it is not all about rubbing elbows with the beautiful people of the Philippine press and beauty brands.

Most of the time, readers see these as a bad thing. Thinking that the bloggers will have a biased view on the things they post to please the brands and companies. I myself, understand that. Personally, this blog is mainly for me. My way of sharing what I know in the cyberworld. And if people enjoy and learn from what I post, then that's like a whip cream on the ice cream. When I do get invites and products, then that's the cherry on top. It's nice to be appreciated by the honest reviews and features that I post. But it was never about that in the beginning and it will remain so until the day this blog closes (which won't happen anytime soon).

And I'm not a hypocrite to say that I don't enjoy the attention my blog has been getting. It is really very much appreciated. That is why I did the Second Year Anniversary Giveaway to show gratitude for your continued support. I made sure and is still trying to provide you with more prizes.

I wrote about this article due to the fact that many people has been asking me on Formspring and emails on how I get invited to events. Like there is a criteria. I honestly think that there isn't any criteria at all. Blogging is about passion, about loving what you do and finding time to do it. And if whatever blessings you achieve in this doesn't need to be planned or calculated. Believe me, it will come when you least expect it. And no, you don't have to pay when you get invited to these events and they won't pay you. You can definitely exercise your own freewill.

I still don't know why this happened to me and I'm not about to question Him with these recognition. For me, I blog because it is a respite from the things that haunts me still. What comes after that is just.. as I've said, cherry on top.

So for those who have yet to join my contest.. please do so. This is but one way to show you you how grateful I am to have a faithful readers who comes back to this blog everyday and became witnesses with how far this blog has grown.

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  1. hi ate shen, i've been reading your blog for quite a long time and it really helps me know if i'm making a wise decision in buying beauty products :D

    Happy 2nd anniversary and more KIKAY powers to you :)

  2. You've been blessed and your so lucky, it's because your reviews are believable (Speaking for myself)that's why most women can relate to it.

    Happy 2nd year anniversary to you Ms. Shen and more power :)


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