Je Ne Sai Quoi - Style it for me by Promod

Have you ever wondered how come some girls, though they seem to be wearing such simple outfits, have a certain something about them that you can't put your finger on? That you literally say "I don't know what, but there is just something about her that says 'wow'!"

For centuries, French has been at the forefront of the fashion industry. They say what is in and what is out. Remember Chanel? Vogue? Paris is the capital of the fashion world. French seems to be the beginning of all fasyon... And don't you just love it when someone says that you got the french style?

Woe not for Manila has one of the best of French street fashion. Promod, a retail store of ready-to-wear clothes and original accessories, has been making the streets of Manila seems like the cobbled pavement of Paris! It boasts of runway looks that is wearable and easy to mix and match! Care to walk out in a style straight out of the magazine, Promod will surely have it for you.

Last Saturday, thanks to Charisse Vilchez of Stratworks, we were given a chance to play stylist and a chance to run around Promod for a day. We were tasked to come up with ensembles that will scream, Je ne sai quoi. Something that will push many Filipinas to step out of their boxes. High time, I say.

What a better way to begin stepping out of that box than with French fashion.

Fashion for me is just like combining different colors of eye shadows... you won't know what looks good together unless you try it on. You can't imagine my excitement when I got invited to play dress-up for Promod with fellow fashion enthusiast/blogger, Tara. We got giddy at the prospect of dressing up mannequins with different looks we could come up with. We felt like we were in a fashion reality show, french style.

Inspired with the movers and shakers in fashion (whose style are motivated by French fashion), Tara and I came up with five outfits that we feel many Filipinas would love to wear.

Here they are!

Icon: Gwen Stefani

For the past few years, Gwen Stefani has wowed us with her ever changing style but really who can't get over her tank top and baggy pants days. Here though, we followed the changes she had but still maintain the Gwen we love, funky and chic.

Shopping would be a favorite past time for a girl who can rock this outfit. She would think of style and comfort all at the same time. Think of Saturday afternoon with the girls inside the mall (because who would want to stay out in this weather?). Either watch a movie or have coffee and chitchats, this 3 piece ensemble can take you anywhere casual.

The hot pink tank top balance the khaki casual slacks beautifully while the vest ties up the whole look. The faux snake skin belt, espadrille shoes and colorful statement bag adds a bit of charm. Bohemian look is such a popular style to go with the weather we are having. Be it at the beach, summer classes, OJT's and what nots, this look will never fail you.


Icon: Madonna

Tara and I were a bit hung over over the latest episode of Glee that featured popular chart-busting songs of Madonna. The sweater with model face print screams Lucky Star. Since the 80's are coming back (slowly but surely), the gradient skirt paired well with the sneakers with paisley print. And yes, the polka dots bag was just a sweet icing to the whole look.

And did you notice the bracelet? That's actually a necklace with net bows we tied around wrist to set the tone for more Madonna look.

We really had a lot of fun with this outfit. I was belting out Borderline and Like A Virgin the whole time. :)

Icon: Blake Lively as Serena Vanderwoodsen in Gossip Girl

Inspired by Blake Lively's outfit after she got back from her Boarding School.

When we saw the red leather jacket, Tara and I simply can't do away without using it! The material is so soft and feminine, it was just screaming "Wear me!" Then, I saw the embellished halter top and we knew we had the perfect pair. Inspired by Serena Van der woodsen, We gave this ensemble soft yet edgy look. We chose the light colored jeans to go along with it to give accent to the red leather jacket. Paired with a gold-rimmed rayban glasses, gold bangles and soft leather shoulder bag, the sream colored gladiator shoes just tied up the whole look.

Date night, a motorcycle ride, party with girls and even on casual Friday, anyone can find a place to go to with this outfit. Take off the jacket for softer feminine look but ward off the cold draft at night with the red leather jacket. The jacket in itself is a statement piece that all girls must have in their closet.


Icon: Audrey Hepburn

LBD never goes out of style and there's a reason for that. But we don't have to confine ourselves with the same color family for everything else. Tara chose this LBD with cap-sleeves as it says French unlike any other. Then, Tara and I saw this wonderful floral scarf. Imagine if Audrey Hepburn was wearing it around her neck while she ate her breakfast at Tiffany's? Sorry, Audrey, for the fabulous Pinays will be the one doning this instead. We loved how the pop of color came together with the Red rayban-inspired glasses. Ohhh! It was a sight to behold.

Cinching the waist adds illusion of slimness (for us who lack it. lol.), so we paired the LBD with a leather belt with a smooth buckle. The clean lines of the hardware gives the whole look a little edge. The closed black shoes we chose hugs the ankles softly to give comfort to the wearer. At the last minute, we decided to drape the fabulous LBD with a nautical inspired blazer, a must-have for the season. It's just so Reese Witherspoon at Sweet Home Alabama, right?

I just love how this LBD can go from office to date night to events. Change accessories and you get a different look. And believe me, none will be the wiser you had the same dress on.


Icon: Sarah Jessica-Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and City 2

Who can't wait for the next installment of Sex and The City Movie and who didn't love her at the last season where she spent it in Paris? Promod had a lot of ready-to-wear that says Carrie Brandshaw. This is but one item we thought that is so, well, Carrie!

Gone are the days that women needed chaperon where ever they go. Now, all women aspire to go where ever they please, travel the globe with friends to see the sights that awaits them. Tara, having traveled to many places while I dream of doing so, created an outfit that will suit the travel-savvy in all of us.

The jumpsuit made soft denim fabric is lightweight that allows for a comfortable journey. White tank top to give that sense of calm for a weary voyage ahead. Multi-colored gladiator sandals to keep up from all the walking one does when seeing another place. We thought Carrie wouldn't be caught dead in flats but we Pinay still yearns for comfort when traveling.

With scarf for a belt that could be converted into a shawl for cold summer nights. Who would forget the oversize glasses to protect our eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Nobody wants a squinter in the photos, do we? The necklaces completes this emsembles, both seemingly inspired by my African precious stones and Indian feathers. A great accent when traveling.

Oh! Let us not forget the gray oversize body bag for all the things one wishes to collect when travelling. We not only reduce the need for plastic bag but it can accomodate all the travel essential one needs.

We were hoping the mannequins have heads for the outfit would surely go the next level when a soft white and gold scarf we saw at Promod would look so good as a head-wrap, Carrie Bradhaw style.

Did you find your own style amidst our collection? We certainly hope so because as much as the mentioned Hollywood Icons were our inspiration, we thought of women like us when we came up with these outfits.


Tara, hard at work styling our mannequin.
This girl really has style! Just look at her outfit.

Je ne sai quoi is something unknown yet so noticeable in your style and personality that people can't explain. In our part of the world, its also called the X Factor. And though it may seem intimidating, it's very achievable. With confidence and a little French fashion, you'll see you do have Je ne sai quoi.

French high street fashion is like a runway show happening on the streets. No harsh lights, made up hair do's and makeup. The clothes you're wearing will say it all. It need not be daring but has a certain style that is up-to-date or inspired. It is being who you are but stepping outside the box. Take a leap and walk with confidence. Do it the French way.

The Surreal thing is, one of this outfits will be on display at the Second Level of Megamall Atrium. Tara and I could hardly believe we are given this chance to not only have fun but inspire others with the ensembles we came up with.

We do hope, you'll get chance to see our works of art.
Nikki, Lauren, Lace, Bambi and Bianca's chosen pieces are also on display!

See you there!

much love,

Promod is located at the Second Level of Megamall Atrium, beside Blenz coffee.

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  1. Great job, Shen & Tara! =) Congrats and I hope you win! =)

  2. I cannot wait to see them again tomorrow, Shen! Thanks for your blurb about me, I'm touched :) Thanks again for inviting me. I had super duper much fun! :D


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