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Contest Alert: L'oreal Men Heart Eye Am Cool Contest. Upload and Join!!


Today, March 16, 2010, marks Shen's Addiction's Anniversary. :)

But along with that is this one cool contest that I will be holding for L'oreal Men Expert (my anniversary contest will follow soon enough).

If you've read my favorite eye creams post, then you have here your man's solution to the same problem. :) And what a better way that to get it for free by joining this contest! :)

It's definitely time to give back something to our men for being so patient in our makeup addiction.

Men readers are welcome to join!

example: click here

Please note that someone will be monitoring your account to only check if there are indeed 50 tags in your photos. So, if chances are one of your tagged person removes himself from the list you will be disqualified.
In order to avoid this, check from time to time if you have 50 tags by clicking "tag" button and check any of your male contacts. If you're not allowed to add anyone, you still have 50 tags in your photo and your entry is safe.
Also, don't forget to link back your FB account to this post via Post Comment! Make sure that this part of your FB account is at least public for verification purposes.
If I fail to see the uploaded photo, I would not be able to determine if you indeed joined this contest.
Oh! Don't forget to answer the question "Eye Bags and Dark Circles, What is your alibi?" on the caption of the photo!


This contest will run from March 15 up to April 15, 2010!
Go! Go! Go!
Join now!

Any questions? Email me at

much love,

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