Kotex Giveaway! Never Compromise.

These days, woman are afforded more opportunities. Time attest to the difficulties of women in terms of career, family and simply put, life choices. We have risen above and we owe it to the women before us to never compromise. The world is at your feet, girl! Carpe Diem!

But don't you just find it a bit more challenging when that time of month comes along? Not only does our body changes during those times but the feel of it is so discomforting. I simply refuse to compromise those days and let it ruin my time at work.... especially at play.

When faced with life’s choices, you stick to your guns. Nobody tells you what you
can’t do, or what you can’t have. You’re in the driver’s seat and you’re not going to apologize for your choices.

You may go this way or that. Or have it both ways, just because you’re you. It’s not fence-sitting if you get exactly what you want. One thing is for sure, you will settle for no less than perfect.

You are a Kotex Luxe woman, and you never compromise.

Kotex Luxe is the first ultrathin pad that gives you BREAKTHROUGH FUSION TECHNOLOGY combining dryness and softness with just 1 pad. No more compromises!

Having tried Kotex Luxe. I realized what they meant by No Compromise. I certainly felt I can do more without having to worry about my period.

Kotex has promised to give away sample packs to Shen's Addiction readers. Simply follow the instruction below:

1. Blog about this post and link it back to this site (you can use social networking site such as Facebook, Plurk, Twitter etc.)
2. Post a comment here answering the question: What won't you compromise in your life?
3. Place your answer in the comment section below with the link of your blog entry and email.

Send in your entries on or before January 25, 2010.
Winners will be chosen in random on January 26, 2010.

Visit Cosmo.ph/Kotex to know more about Kotex Luxe.

much love,

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