Spotted: Freeway Holiday Collection feat. Ang Kiukok

When I received an invite for Freeway's second installment of their National Artist Collection, I couldn't be more happier. I chose to attend this event over the Philippine Fashion Week featuring some of the the best and veteran designers of our country. Why? Because I have always been in awe with the National Artist of our country... those that we weren't allowed to enjoy because we were too young to understand. And besides? Who doesn't want to discover talents that have lived before us.

I so enjoyed the Nick Joaquin collection that I was more sure that Ang Kiukok will be an explosion of art-couture.

I honestly agree with Mr. Joey De Leon when he said that modern or contemporary art is way better used in apparels. The art doesn't overwhelm the clothing and vice versa. It's a perfect marriage, I say. Ang Kiukok's Paintings on cute tops and dresses, I'm saying now that its a feast for the fashion-addict.

Enough jibber-jabber.. here's some ninja shots (well, not so ninja since we were guests) I took of the event. You'll see familiar faces here! :)

The Row was transformed to mini-fashion runway with a few of Kiukok's drawings on the wall.

Ang Kiukok's family was gracious enough to lend many of Ang Kiukok's masterpieces for the event.

As I was studying the pieces, I realize that Kiukok must have had in mind reality and truth of a person's life in his paintings. The paintings have strong personality that many may not agree or even considered beautiful but Ang Kiukok was never the one to follow fad. Art after all is an expression. Quiet as he is, his painting speaks the words that fails to come out of his lips.

While waiting for the event, I took a shot of Keith, Nikki, Bea and Shanna

Now, on to the fashion show!

As per tradition, Ang Kiukok and his life was presented to all the guests. A short video was shown to use featuring the life and works of Ang Kiukok. The event was hosted by Jocas De Leon, who lived her young life surrounded by many of Ang Kiukok's paintings that her reknowed celbrity father, Joy De Leon, collected. Her father also was a very close friend of Ang Kiukok.

Jocas De Leon, co-host of fashionistas by heart and fashion icon (i have the same Zara dress as hers!)

Mr. Julius Babao, an avid patron and friend of Ang Kiukok talks about a moment he had with the famous artist.

Dr. William Chua, an avid patron and art collector with Cid Reyes, art critic and who read also an article he wrote about Ang Kiukok.

Could you guess who Jocas is introducing next?

Her father, Joey De Leon, came for an one-on-one interview with daughter, Jocas. It's like a window to their father-daughter relationship. Mr. Joey De Leon showed what a true comedian he is but what was more inspiring was his relationship with his friend, Ang Kiukok.

Mr. Joey, reminiscing a moment he shared with Ang Kiukok.

more photos.. :)

Me with Jocas De Leon

With Mr. Joey De Leon

Nikki, my partner-in-events. :)

Lizz and Hannah
(Earth was with us but like me, she was busy checking out a lot of the collection and the attendees.)

Till next event. :)

much love,

click the logo to visit the Freeway site and browse the fab Holiday Collection featuring Ang Kiukok, National Artist for Visual Arts

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