Pup Craze

Please welcome, (Otis/Raja/Marchio), to the family!!!

I still can't decide what to name our dearest "bunso" (youngest), a two-month-old shitzu male puppy. I still want to keep the noble title tradition but its getting harder. My cousin's exes are named Earl and King, and it would be in bad taste to name our baby either of those names. We don't want to offend the current boyfies who's also our friends. Although Prince is available, it is such a common name for a pup. So I'm left with Otis (not really a noble), Raja (A good indian nooble title) and Marchio or "Chio" (Latin version of Marquess).

Any other suggestions, dear readers? I'm afraid I have to name him soon or else he'll get used to be called baby.

Sigh. I love being a new mom and taking care of my not-so-newborn-pup. It's a joy to sit with him and nestle him on my chest as he sleeps.

le sigh..

much love,

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