Brush of the Week: The Body Shop Lip/Concealer Brush

The Body Shop lip/concealer brush by you.
The Body Shop Lip/Concealer Brush

A fine tapered brush for precise application of lipcolors or concealers.

The Body Shop lip/concealer brush by you.
The Body Shop lip/concealer brush by you.
To be totally honest, I'm not confident using lip brush. I'm very clumsy with it and I always make mistakes especially when I'm applying lipstick on others. Its just really annoying that I can't get the hang of using a lip brush.

The Body Shop lip/concealer brush by you.

Thankfully, I got a chance to try The Body Shop Lip/Concealer Brush. Its made from synthetic fibres since The Body Shop is an advocate against animal cruelty. The Body Shop brushes is one of the best synthetic brushes I've encountered and many of my friends agrees. Their kabukis are fast flying off the shelves. The eye brushes has proven to be the same quality. Best of it all, its easily accessible since The Body Shop(TBS) is almost available in all leading department stores. My favorite includes the one in Greenbelt and Shangri-la Mall.

The Body Shop lip/concealer brush by you.

As provided by TBS, Lip/Concealer Brush indeed provides a precise application of lip colors and concealers. Using this brush gives more control when I apply the lipstick, making it easier for me to outline my lips making it easier to fill it in. I have a wrinkly lips and applying lipsticks with a brush like this is much better in making my lips look smoother.

Another reason why I love this brush is because of how versatile it is. As provided, I can use this as a concealer brush especially when shaping the lips and eyebrows. Another use I find this brush for is for foiling and even applying eyeliners. I can also use this brush in applying eyeshadows near my tearducts or inner portion of my eyelids.

So far, I haven't found a similar brush in my stash which is making me which I have 2 more. :)

I give this brush 3.5 out 5 Kikay Pinay points.

much love,

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