Shen's Way: Liquid Mineral Foundation

Hi everybodylicious! :)

Hope you're not getting tired of seeing my face in my posts.. :) Do bear with me.. :) This post is about how I do makeup application. It could be similar to others or totally different but I am sharing what I think works best for me. Hoping that it would work for you as well. :)

Anyway, I really find using a mineral liquid foundation helps a lot in covering my pimple marks without having to resort using my traditional concealer. This is such a plus because it is still minerals so its healthy for the skin and definitely non-clogging.

What I do is the following:

1. Apply your favorite primer (optional)
2. Apply your liquid mineral foundation (sponge or stippling brushes like Charm Duo Fibre is my most recommended tools).
3. Blend foundation evenly.
...And just when it is about to dry...
3. Immediately dab your favorite mineral concealer on your problem areas. (i use Ellana Mineral concealer with my Henri Calayag Foundation and concealer brush) This will help your concealer stick to the liquid foundation.
4. Swirl, tap but don't buff your foundation... Rather, dab it softly on to your skin until all face is covered and mattified.
5. Grab a loose brush (like Ellana's Nylon body brush) and slowly blend the foundation. Do this until desired result is obtained.
6. Apply your favorite blush.
7. Apply your favorite finishing mineral powder with the same body brush.

I do not use the Buffer/Kabuki/flat top brush to buff because it will only mess up my concealer application. The body brush will do nicely covering my whole face without having to retouch my concealer.

You'll find that it may look a little cakey or too powdery at first, but for me, the foundation settles after an hour or so, making it appear more natural.

Make sure your lashes are not coated with the foundations you used. This will make your face look tired and your eyes droopy (that is what I noticed) Keep a clear mascara to help remove the foundation. Better yet, curl your lashes and apply mascara to eliminate the foundation coating.

hope this post helps out a lot of you out there. :)

much love,

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