Vanitibasics 8 3/4" Double-sided Lighted Vanity Mirror

Despite my being absent from blogging, I've hauled on some great products worth your attention and I mean to share them with you here.

One of my recent acquisition is this beautiful albeit expensive vanity mirror. :) I'm sure most of you here in the Philippines have been envious of blogger and youtube gurus who have vanity mirrors that has lighting in them. Don't worry, I share the same feelings. That is why I decided to get myself one of these at Shangri-la Rustan's Department Store. I asked the SA if they have vanity mirrors available and quite gladly, she pointed me at two products available. One was the one-sided 5x magnification mirror and the other is this one, my purchase, 8 3/4" Double-sided Lighted Vanity Mirror.

Like I said, even with the hefty pricetag of P3599.00, I was not hesistant to purchase it because I've been wanting this since I started out my makeup addiction. It was also always sold out before and buying online was just tedious for me. Thank God, my finances could allow me to purchase this. God indeed gives you what you deserve. But of course, after this I decided to stop hauling for awhile.

The 8 and 3/4" Double-sided Lighted Vanity Mirror with 8x/1x Manification is such an essential for a beautinista like myself. I can accomplish a lot with this mirror on my table. I can see EVERYTHING, even to the smallest pores and stray hairs when I pluc my eyebrows. Also, when applying my eyeshadows, I can make sure that both eyes are balanced in colors since the light eliminated the shadows when using this mirror. Definitely a plus for preparing for night-outs. I can't tell you enough how bad the lighting is in our room so this will come in handy in making sure I apply the colors properly and evenly.

I heard from Mia of MorenaMania that this was raved by Lucy Torres in a certain magazine. And I have to agree with both of them that this Vanitibasics Lighted Manification Mirror is such a covetable item for all beauty addicts out there.

8 3/4" Double-sided Lighted Vanity Mirro

8 3/4" Double-sided Lighted Vanity Mirro

magnified side

Shen Magnified

Shen Magnified 2

the light..

when lighted

magnified side when lighted

Vanitibasics are available in all Rustan's Department Store.

much love,

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