Product Review: NYX Tinted Lip Spa

Summer is here and for once I get a chance to enjoy it at a small private resort in Laguna today with my cousins, friends and family. :) I think with all the work pouring the next month, this is my only getaway for the whole of summer. But I'm sure to enjoy this day to the fullest! :)

Now with every getaway, we girls find ourselves in a knot on what to pack. :) I was up late last night debating if I should bring a extra pair of clothes. I even bought an overnight bag because all my old ones just won't do. But one thing that doesn't leave ANY OF US (here in our tropical country or abroad) are our lips balms. I'm sure ALL will agree. From girls who are not so Kikay to the super Kikay, owns one and makes sure not leave their house without it. Shows only how much we care for our puckers. :)

But lately, liptints are making its way slowly to our beauty arsenal for it provides color as well as moisturizes our lips. Two-in-one product that many of us appreciates. :) And don't you just love liptints lately? I don't know about you but I've been using liptints more than my lip balms. :)

One of my recent finds is NYX Tinted Lip Spa. From the moment I got it, I've been wearing it 24/7. They are true to their words when they say "Gorgeous Lip Spa treatment with just a hint of color so it willgive you a naturaln, luscious and oh so kissable lips."

It provides a cooling effect without the sticky feeling. I love that it provides color as well. Definitely a plus for the beach instead of wearing a shimmery lipgloss or any kind of lipsticks. It glides on really well. Also, the packaging looks something like a typical lipstick that you wouldn't mind pulling this out in public instead of your usual general-looking lipbalms.


Spirit is a natural shade that melds onto your lips.
Copacabana is a nice pink shades best partnered with smokey eyes and for those who have fair skin.
Hush is my favorite for it is "my lips but better" shade among the rest. :)

I honestly can't find anything wrong with NYX Tinted Lip Spa. These three will be finding themselves in my kikay kit (beauty kit) for the day i'll be spending under the sun. :) I simply love them!

You can purchase NYX Tinted Lip Spa at our fellow-pinay ebay store Space Pretty Store. I also got from her all my Palettes, if you remember. :)

much love,

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  1. hi shen! if its not too much trouble, can you please post pictures of the NYX tinted lips spa on your lips? thanks and more power! :)


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