Haul: Coastal Gel Liners from Makeup Mix Shop + Review

Don't you just love packages? Even when it often means that a credit card bill is associated with it? I do! I do! For awhile now, I've been stopping myself from ordering online since it takes ages (2 to 3 weeks) for my purchases to arrive. I just got really tired and impatient in waiting. But the shopaholic in me can't stop!!

The instigator? Nikki of Askmewhats' Eureka Moment: Coastalscents Gel Liners post (Hihihi!). I mean, how can my shopaholic heart, body and soul resist? Even if my credit card limit is nearing its end, I still clicked on that Pay Now button while praying I don't get into emergency situation because my CC won't be able to bail me out.

Sooner that later, I got a message from Nikki that my orders are finally here! Yey! I stopped by her office which also gave me a chance to deliver her a belated birthday cake from us, Pinay beauty bloggers (Sophie, Jheng, Phoebe, Jaimie and I). Why not give her makeup instead? Well, she had loads of it! I had to give her something to munch on while blogging, right? That's how I think about it, anyway? :)

Without much further ado, here they are!!

The package!!

Toma of Makeup Mix Shop is such a great seller. She replies immediately to my concerns and grants them, too. PO in Pasig City is SOOOOOOOOOOO bad (in my experience) that I had to communicate to Toma (yes, I call her by her first name because I feel close to her already! lol!) that I need my package delivered to Nikki's instead for assurance it will get here safely (or not snagged off by anyone in the PO--this is my suspicion why some packages didn't get to me). Toma immediately attended to this request without any confusion whatsoever and my heart at ease with our transaction. It's just like buying off stuff from a friend. :)

I honestly feel I robbed Toma with all the Free stuff included here!! :) I mean, I get a FULL Size Eyeshadow, about 1/8 tsp of another eyeshadow then I still get a coupon for a free eyeshadow on my next order! Not to mention that it's FREE SHIPPING!!

See?? :)

The Makeup Masala Mineral Eyeshadows are SEALED! I haven't seen mineral makeup sealed like this. :)

We all all know how pigmented mineral eyeshadows are. Makeup Masala Mineral doesn't disappoint us in that department. :) I love Priya because it goes with my skintone so well. Agni is just a vibrant pink that I love.. for a Hello Kitty inspired look, perhaps?

Did I just whet your appetite for the actual stuff I got? I don't think so since I must be the last person on earth who got this infamous gel liners. And true to its hype, it is pigmented. Greatly so but.... too creamy or mouss-y for me.

I commuted with this babies so it was exposed to hot weather and when I got home, upon checking the contents, my 24K gel liner looked liquidy or runny in consistensy. I was scared that it will be the same when I applied it. I put it on the freezer to cool it first before swatching it. Thankfully, My Platinum and Truffle didn't look runny but was nevertheless to soft in consistency. This falls short a little to my expectation but compared to the others that I've tried, this gel liners are awesome (channeling Barney Stintson here from How I Met your Mother).

in their boxes

outside the box, upside down

tiny jars with fully pigmented gel-liners


Platinum: OMG> This liner get 5 stars from me! So rich in color, not sparkly shimmery splendid but a true platinum silver. I love it! Can't wait to use this in future looks. A Lady GaGa inspired look... Hmm... Maybe, maybe not. Let's see.
Truffle: Looks good enough to eat! Not likely! Hehehe! The brown color of this liner is just what I was looking for. Dark chocolate! Yum. Yes, I gotta remember that this is not exactly chocolate.. it's just the name.

24K: To be honest, it may look gold on the pic but on the pot, it's a different story. It's looks a bit bronzy for me. I was able to play with Jheng's and it was similar so it wasn't a product defect. I was looking for a true gold liner but this isn't it. But I'm glad that I have this on my stash, anyway. Yes, I still love it just the way it is. :)

4 out of 5 on the gel liner.
5 out of 5 on the Makeup Mix Shop

Grab babies like this and more at Makeup Mix Shop.

Phew!! Enough blagger from me. I still have so much to watermark for my future post and my Adobe Photoshop Trial Time is nearly up!

I'm hoping to post gifts that I've received from blogger beauties on my next post. Wish me luck!

much love,

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