Gadgets: ASUS EEE PC

I just joined the crazed of Netbookers.

The reason: Shivah (my Toshiba Satellite M305D-S4829) needs hiatus from all these blogging, downloading and watching tv series illegally online. I went to Toshiba Service Center yesterday and I was told that I need to leave her for 3 EFFIN' days to get her diagnosed (i'm thinking its the LCD cable), then if something needs to get fixed, i have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for the spare parts to arrive (since my laptop is a U.S. Model). I stupidly asked if they have a replacement unit. What do you know, they don't have!! Grr... My head was reeling on how to fix this dilemma since my contest is nearing its end and still have files saved on my laptop that needs to be transferred. Not to mention, that Shivah is a big chunk of my life already.

I hugged Shivah tightly and told the personnel that i'll just return next week to her diagnosed. I was really devasted. It may be shallow to a lot of you, but I can't imagine not being online for a day. My life consist 50% online/on the computer.


So, when the going gets tough... the tough goes shopping...

If they think money can't solve all the problems in the world, well, it solved mine. At least Citibank Card did.

Before we had dinner at Pepper Lunch Shangri-la with my uncles/biz partners, we headed to E-Hub to purchase me a Netbook. Tito Boy wanted me to get the Sony Viao P series but it was just mighty expensive for me (P69,990 to 49,990). Though it was a "VIAO" and stylish to boot, it was just plain triple splurge to an already unnecessary expense. But demmit, i like it!

I settled at E-hub/Complink to purchase an Asus EEE PC. It wasn't so hard choosing between the 10" and 7" because my eye problems already did that for me. I settled for the 10" Asus EEE PC 1000H for P20,700.00. I think Christiana and Nikki has the 10" eee PC as well! Hail to the Beauty blogger with this gadget!

I love the color! :)

not so complicated at all, comes with what usually comes in a regular Notebook.

Comparison between my 14.1" Toshiba Satellite and 10" Asus EEE PC. (Reminds me of my law books. Bleh!)

Screen comparison.

See how many apps i have on my Notebook while i was careful not to load so much on my Netbook.

Specs. + keyboard aren't much different.y Didn't need so much getting use to.

Power options + Battery Life + Bluetooth capability

Side sports of earphones and mic, usb and lan port and the other side memory card slot, two more usb ports, monitor output, and power (dc) input.

2 built-in microphones (for better to hear me, dear!)

i missed windows XP!! :)

Overall, i'm loving my new netbook!! :) it may not do as much as a regular laptop but it does everything i want i to do. :)

Question: Has anyone installed adobe photoshop on this baby? How was the performance? :)

much love,

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