Product Review: G-Lish Brush Set

A few months ago, I bought myself a set of G-lish Cosmetics brushes after seeing it on a magazine. It looks to be promising given the price of P500 or $11. Upon initial examination (sounds too science-y), the brushes were soft and supple. The lip brush was also nice and I was in need of a good lip brush.

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G-lish's plastics are really cute. :)

Pouch, padded inside. great to keep cosmestics especially compact powders.

This is what you'll get:

A padded Pouch and;

Set of 7 brushes which includes Powder, Blush, Eyeshadow, Comb, Lip, Definer and Eyeliner Brushes.

Each brushes has a name to help you identify them.

Eyebrushes: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner and Definer.

Upon washing these brushes, there were some stains from the dye and fallouts. But that was expected given the price of the brushes. The brushes remained soft except for the face brushes, they roughened up after its first wash but not too rough that you can't use them anymore. I suggest you wash this with a milder baby shampoo like Nivea Baby Shampoo.

The Eyeliner brush is very usable to me. I us this as my eyebrow brush since it fits the inner part of my eyebrows really well. It even reminds me of Nikki of Askmewhat's eyeliner brush she used on me during her seminar.

The Eyeshadow brush is definitely good for pressed eyeshadows like my Smashbox eye palette and MAC. But not as good when used om mineral eyeshadows.

The Lip Brush is my favorite, it applies my Ellana moisturizing lip color in a pot really well.

The Comb brush is also a staple item in my makeup looks. I use this as pressing my false lashes onto my lashline as well as combing off the clumps off of my mascara.

The Definer brush is good for creating contour and blending out the crease color. But I have to use this a bit soft since it pricks a little when i blend hashly or when I'm in a hurry.

The Powder brush is good for dusting off a bit of my Ellana Espresso Con Panna Finishing Powder while the Blush Brush is good for highlighting.

The brushes are soft enough for someone who's just starting or in need of a travel set brush.

G-lish are availble in all leading department stores. They have a small kiosk decorated with pink and white designs which are very appealing to me. I still enjoy their eyeshadow pan and wish that I could buy more of their cosmetics specially those collaborated with the the famous make-up artist Patrick Rosas. If only I could find time to go to Megamall. :) For those unsure of the colors to buy, you may refer through their website

much love,

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  1. hi! i love your blog. :) btw, do you recommend this for beginners? i would love to order this but im not sure. is it of good quality? :) im only a student so i dont have the means to good and expensive brushes. :)


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