Gifts: Urban Decay, Too Faced and MAC Brushes

Mom's cousins whom she grew up with came home from the U.S. to visit and treat themselves for a short vacation. Of course I had put on the thick face and ask my uncle to get me a few stuff in Houston before he left there.

At first, I asked him to get me some MUFE products but thought not too since I already have the HD foundation and the Sheer Velvet FinPow from Ellana is a good alternative for the MUFE Micro FInsihing Powder. Unfortunately the Cargo Bluray COllection is out of stock and won't come in two weeks. But all is well since I got everything I wanted.

My tito was nice enough not to make me pay for this even if I adamantly told him I did save up for the purchases he made. I really do have great realtives on both my mom and dad's side. :)

1. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliners in Travel Set of 5, VIP and Velvet Rope: There is a reason they call these 24/7 because is does stay put for a long time. But still smudgs on me but at least it does not streak or leave a mark on my lids. As for the Glide-on part, another truth because applying these does not drag my eyes at all. It did glide on efficiently. I'm in love this so much at the moment, i hardly use my HG gel liner, MAC Fuidline in Blacktrack.

|Velvet Rope|



2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion: This I asked for since I was scared on running low of these two amazing products. But as you can see I asked 2 of Urban Decay's since that worked so much better on my oily eyelids. The Too Faced is more for short-hour event that I need to do bolder eye makeup since its easier to blend with this product.

too a much much awaited part....

3. MAC Eyeshadow brush in 222 and MAC Face brush in 187: I now get why people are raving about these brushes. Thanks to Jheng and Sophie for making me salivate over the 222! Hehehe! I'm happy I held out in buying the MAC 187! Nothing beats getting these brushes as a gift. I cherish them more than ever! :)

I had to share these.
I had to take a double look when I saw this engraving on both brushes. Quite shocked to see since I don't own any imported MAC brush.
Anyone in Houston who has MAC brushes like these?

Again, it was a happy weekend for the makeup addict!

much love,

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