Barenatural: New Mineral Liptints

BareNaturals Mineral Liptints

It's been a while since I hoarded on lip products. However, this is one an exception. I simply love all my Mineral Liptints from BareNaturals. They provide color to my lips, moisturizing with great taste, and the colors are always complimenting to our Asian skintones.

Mineral Liptints are not as lasting as their powder counter-part but they are nevertheless so much safer than our conventional lipticks. BareNaturals new colors of mineral liptints are very natural-looking on the lips so don't fret what you see on the tube. The shade can easily adjust depending on how you want the color to show up. Liptints will just provide that hint of color you need especially on a cold weather like we have this month. What a way to ward off chapped lips, too.

L-R: WineRed (similar to wine but very natural-looking), Scarlet Secret (give the illusion of a lighter skintone), Frosted Mauve (sheer pearlesance mauve tone)

L-R: Wine Red, Scarlet Secret, Frosted Mauve

I really don't think you'll go wrong with any Mineral Liptints. :)

much love,

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