Review: Pure Anada New Shades

Ordering online, especially when it comes to foundation, is such a trial for me. I hate trying to figure out my shade and most of the time, i end up getting the wrong one. Thank God for samplers that i am delivered from paying the high price of full size jars and shipping.

The story:
I was browsing my Google Reader when i saw Aileen's post on her blog regarding the free samples of 3 new foundation shades of Pure Anada, specifically targeting asian complexion. I immediately emailed the provided information. Then after 2 weeks, i received my samples. Isn't it convenient?

Initial Impression:
The shades look too yellow in my opinion, as also mentioned by Mhean. I was quite taken back to even try it because comparing it to my usual MMU foundation, it is way too .... well, yellow. I wasn't sure that it is even my match.

But the slip is truly smooth and silky. It provides full coverage.

Testing 1-2-3:

Gold Sunrise (Deep Gold) - too yellow for my complexion but blends well on my skin. People didn't notice that it is too yellow on my skin. I got compliments that my face looks pretty even after a few hours from application. Thought the blemishes are a bit visible already.

Yukon Gold Rush (Medium Gold) - mixed with a little EllanaHazelnut Latte. Too light and too yellow. It also blends well on my skin but is it very noticeable that my face is lighter than my neck. But still not too noticeable.

Golden Harvest - very light for my complexion. I will try to work with it more and mix it with my other Pure Anada shades.

Overall: I definitely enjoy the feel of this foundation. The coverage works well for my school hours (about 4 t0 6 hours). I didn't need to retouch until the fifth hour. I also noticed that I have ample amount of foundation except on the T zone and blemishes. The full coverage is enough to make my blemishes disappear with proper application. My redness definitely lessened. Like most mineral foundation, it is very light and natural on the skin despite it being a Full Coverage.

Pure Anada is located at Canada. Ships internationally and has wide array of mineral cosmetics. :)

much love,

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