Haul: Ebay 28 Pieces Brush Set

I ordered quite a few things online as gift for myself on my birthday. I ordered from coastal scents and purely cosmetics. But not only that.... For 2 weeks, i have been waiting for this particular order of mine. FInally, when i called my local P.O. yesterday (my birthday) my order has arrived!

So i picked and it up. But just before my mini-date with R, i couldn't resist opening it. :)

They're so soft (not so on the face brushes). When i washed thems some dye came off and there was some shedding on the bigger brushes. :) I like this a lot. it may not have the same quality of the other brush set i want but i definitely know what this will owrk for me and my future clients. :)

This set cost me t around $30.00. Soooo cheap! the brush set is just $7.99 the shipping was $20. As usual, the shipping is expensive but since it got to me on time and the packaging is good i try not to complain. The shipping is standard price for any country. :)

hello Gorgeous. :)

Happy Birthday, Kikay Pinay!

Oooohh! the handles remind me of Smashbox but this one got a pointed end. :)

It truly looks like i'm opening a gift everytime.

Sigh! This is the very first time i saw it.. isn't it lovely?? :)

what a happy happy day!

i also got my other Purely Cosmetic Sample!
It was a jackpot!

much love,

I'm drowning in brushes and i'm still insatiable!!

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  1. Pulbospuffgirl21/7/11 3:56 AM

    Hi Shen. I'm planning to order a similar set of brushes on Ebay but decided to check first  other buyers' opinion of these. Are they any good? What about the quality of the brushes? (Softness, longevity, etc.)


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