shopping for essentials... hehehe!

Last week, before my trip to the province, i engaged in a little shopping spree . Not of makeup but for something a little more essential... clothes. :)

When it comes to anything i wear, comfort is always the priority . I don't like to wear a lot of sleeveless clothes and would prefer flats than heels. I'm not brand conscious. I can wear anything even from the ukay-ukay (provided it is washed).

here a few things i bought.

Havainas Chiso, Php1295/$29.43 (despite the price i have to get this. i really love havies! Its tres comfortable!)

Syrup white flats from People are People, Php799/$18.15 (thanks to Sab i got an idea where to get nice flats. this pair i had to have for its design and comfort.)

these clothes i got for Php299 each/$6.64(on sale, original price Php500)!!! What a steal!! Less than Php1000 for 3 cute outfits. :)
belts not included.
(these clothes needs pressing!)

Outfit one: Nice day dress that reminds me of summer. I like the collar detail.. ala Diane VonFurstenberg.
Outfit two: Uber big ala Tent Satin dress but great with big and wide obi belt. Inspired by Korean fashion.
Outfit three: Safari-inspired jump suit. I love how conservative it is but with few accessories, this once piece can be J.Lo worthy. :)

Obviously, i like one piece outfit. I realized that i love dresses just this year actually. After watching Gossip Girl, i was inspired to wear more one piece outfit. Soon, i found my closet packed with shirtdresses and simple day dress. :) Its great for school and for going out with the BF. I feel prettier, to. LOL!

What do you think? Have you shopped lately?

much love,

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