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Why is it hard to be nice?


When i started blogging, i didn't realize how cutthroat "girls" and anonymous comments can be. I get them on my YT Channel a lot but i don't give two cents about it. i just delete it. but i guess there are a lot of people who are persistent and who deems it an occupation of making bad comments. Is clicking X or next blog really that difficult? Do you really have to make a person feel bad about themselves?


I've always believed that a person is innately good. That even the hardened criminals love to give treats to a puppy or who is very much a dotting parent. But i don't think that's not the case in the world of cyberspace. The anonymity it provides open a gateway of evilness. It tests how awful a person can be. And boy, do a lot of you pass with flying colors.

I'm not here to justify the things we write. Why would I? Why the hell should we deliver you from reading our blogs and finding it not in your tasteful range? If you find the blogger ugly, annoying or trying hard etc etc etc, why the hell do you continuously read their blogs or watch their videos?

If there's one thing i learned about law school (and i'm not bragging), is that Freedom of speech is not absolute. We have to know our limits or least practice whatever good manners our parents taught us.

The internet engages freedom to express one's self and that i appreciate. It encourages us to fulfill our little girl's dream, to talk about things that used to be kept hidden or simply to share experiences. I love being online, sharing things to people who understands what I'm saying. I actually found great friends online. And i love them to pieces. And i hope to meet more of these wonderful people. Why can't all we get along. Live and Let live..

I guess this is all redundant. I do feel bad for the people who makes the effort to post blogs for their readers. reading a comment with totally below the belt comments is just disheartening. Is it really that hard to be nice and simply not type a vile word?


I won't even try to decipher or psychoanalyze why some people makes negative comments.

I'm just sharing something that has been bugging me for a long time.

Peace and much love to everyone.

Most of all, regulate your comments.

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