Pepper Lunch Dinner Date

Sophie messaged me to confirm our Saturday night dinner date with Jheng and Jamie. :) hihi! Soon as i read Pepper Lunch on my pink Dopod mobile phone. I was pyched. With bruised and wounded knee (achin' and all), i brazed the rainy day and went to Power Plant mall. :)

I was quite early but the line at Pepper Lunch was soo impressively long that i decided to fall in line while waiting for the gf's to arrive. Jheng arrived first with oranges in tow, looking uber pretty with blue liquid eyeliner to enhance her peepers. Sophie arrived next with her sisters and Skintel goodies(post coming soon) for me and Jheng. She looked so fresh even coming from an event. Sigh! Her sisters are very pretty too.. :)

Pepper Lunch have mouth watering steak meals to offer but i could just feel the "pork fever" in me. I ordered Pork Pepper Rice and drinks that set me back about Php265($6). It was delish!! This meal earned ultra mega 5 kikay pinay points. Now that i know the range of prices of this fabulous resto, i promise to try the Shimofuri. It's the steak that literally melts in your mouth, as per Sophie's recommendation. Sigh... And i do love the cake and ice cream with caramel syrup. Jheng, Sophie and I just couldn't stop eating it. :) Gotta bring my bf to do the swiping motion when we eat there (Pepper Lunch accepts CC). I wish i could eat there again soon.. Chuvaness, thanks for bringing Pepper Lunch to Manila. :)

Kuddos to Sophie for popping our Pepper Lunch cherry! :)

Here's my take on my DIY Pork Pepper Rice:
I could eat it without the pork.
I could eat the pork without the rice.
I could live without any of the sauce.
but i could live with just the sauce and rice.
The rice is heaven!!! I love rice!!
The pork is sooooooooo bacon-y delish!!
I could eat ALL OF THIS TOGETHER 2x a day and 3x on sunday!!!

Oh! I also enjoyed cooking my pork!
Fun concept but definitely not good for a 1 hour lunch break.
I don't mind the smell on my clothes as well but not so much when i'm trying to impress my date. but since R and I enjoy great food, we'll still enjoy even after dinner we still smell like our food. Oh! stop looking at the TV screen, its a sure way of making you go back to the cashier and order more. Hihihi!

Jheng's Chicken Teriyaki is soooo my next order along side
Sophie's ________ order (i forgot what she got).

I think i have a new addiction! :)

My wallet was lighter when i left but my stomach is singing like the angels up above! :)

My beautiful friendships, The Sutil and The Beautynomist

The Beautinomist's pretty sisters. :)

I've always wanted a picture at the girl's little private room. :)

I'm getting hungry just posting this.


Girls, let's eat here soon! As in, now na!

much love,

Jheng and I enjoyed a drink and great talk at Temple bar in Greenbelt before hitting home.
I would tell you what we talked about but i'd have to kill you. :)

Inside Joke: Masas? Wag na dun? Malayo!!!
The sky is falling!!

And no, we weren't drunk!

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