Haul: MAC Neo-scifi + Cool Heat

hi y'all!

I would like to thank you first for the encouraging comments on the Mean Girl Post. Thank you for understanding where i am coming fromand for not judging me. You are all true friends. :) I feel so much better from your words and allowing me to rant it out. :)

Everything has a silver lining.

Despite having to meet Ces and Mhean at 10pm in MarketMarket yesterday, i still braved the crazy night coz our MAC loot is here in the Island Philippines!! And I'm finally going to meet Mhean of Moi<3makeup!

Mhean was so fab sporting a true blue eye look while i recreated another Neo sci-fi look. :) Pics to come when i've nabbed it from her. :) LOL! She looked fab, of course and very nice. :) Too bad we only got to meet for a short while. It would have been fun if we had more time to get a cup of coffee and chatted about life, make-up and MAC. But there is always a next time. Right, Mhean? :)

Say hello to my first MAC eyeshadows. :)

Hello, gorgeous!

my very small but totally draining loot from MAC's newest collection,
Neo Sci-fi and Cool Heat
Cost me a whopping P2550!

I love the packaging of Neo Sci-fi, talk about neon orange. These two will never see the grinding or melting machine of BACK2MAC program. I'll love these babies like a great mother should. :)

From Neo Sci-fo Magnetic Fields and Femme-fi
and from Cool Heat, Gulf Stream

This eyeshadow comes highly reccomended by Sophie pf Beautynomics.com and i definitely agree.

Reccomended by Phoebe of Swipesomegloss. She looks great in it. I hope, i will as well. :)

This i saw on Anne of yummibitez. I just got to have one... Hahaha! I'm so easily influenced!
I was not so impressed with this one but when swatched it, i was floored. the color is sooo cool! :) pun intended. :)


Taken with White Light, no flash. :) Pay off is the best! :)

I had this nagging feeling that Magnetic Fields looks a lot similar to Ellana's Delicate. Lo and Behold... Ellana could pass off as Magnetic Fields. Except that Magnetic Field leans toward the purple side while Delicate is a brown/taupe side.

Delicate, Magnetic Fields' sister from a different mother.


My Outfit of the Day:

Green Mini dress from tiendesitas, Opaque Mod Green Tights, Thin headband from Quiapo. :)
accessories, your truly.


so lazy to post. :)

Nearly the same as everyday. :) i'm loving Costa Riche i got some Chloe of Stylishmommy! :)

Til next loot!

much love,

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