my 4th rebonding Session with Emil

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Shen's HairStory:

After a very popular hair salon ruined my mane by giving me a cut that does not fit my very thick and wavy hair, i was forced to have my hair straightened. As you all know the Straight Treatment is a chemical treatment that requires a lot of care like blowing hair with an electric fan, constant hot oils and the tendency to make your hair more kinky not to mention damaged in the process.

Thank God for my Tita Mayette for finding this salon near her place in Plaridel, Bulacan. My first rebonding was when Emil was still working for a Salon. Ever since, i just fell in love with his work (evidenced by the photos). My hair never became so tamed like this before rebonding. I never tried other salons after that. And it tres CHEAP!!! My whole treatment (since i'm a regular and all) never ever went up to Php2,200!!

The best thing about Rebonding is the no-fuss care. No need to have it blown dry after bathing, no need to get other treatments (except occasional hot oils and/or cellophanes) and other time and money consuming stuff. Honestly, I only got 2 or 3 hot oils since my last rebonding and until January this year, i still get asked if my hair is recently rebonded. That's the true test, i believe, or a good rebonding. And this little girl never looked back! :)

Emil Barredo worked for a high end celebrity salon here in Manila before he and his siblings decided to put up their own Salon. They currently have three branches in Bulacan. Their rebonding starts at Php1,500($34) and up, depending on your hair length. Don't be fooled by the exterior, you are paying for the skilled hands and experience of Emil and his staff (who are also his relatives), not the ambiance. And that's the reason why my mom and i along with my aunts and nieces keep coming back to Emil for nearly five years. :) As for me, its a yearly visit. :)

In this Salon, there will be quite a few people working on your hair. For the dry and wet job. I had Emil who put the Rebonding product on my hair, 3 people ironing my hair, 2 putting another product, and 2 other who washed my hair. This is not a ploy to give them all tips. Its just their way of helping each other out so they could give the best service they can. :) hehehe!

No need to make an appointment, they are open everyday except Saturday. I advise you not to go during Holidays, start of school, near Christmas time, Holy Week. They are jam packed! And go there early so they can start on you first. They open as early as 7 or 8 a.m.

Finally!!! Just in time for the new semester! :)
i always get this giddy everytime i get rebonded!

My celophane will come after the three day no bath period. My mom was hurrying up since she had somewhere else to go (argh!). Emil used Rigenol on my hair instead.

I'm dying to have my hair cut. There just wasn't enough time to get one a while ago.

Haiii!!! I'm just soooo happy!!!

Hair rebond year 2007 click to see photos of last years rebond.

much love,

If you want to get your hair rebonded, here's his address and contact no.:
Emil Barredo Salon
Rocka Complex Tabang, Plaridel, Bulacan

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