DIY eyes

DIM: Mineral Eyeshadows


DIM means, Did it myself. :)

a few of the mineral eyeshadow i made.. :)

1st row: terra, hot choco, denim
2nd row: 80's jeans, baby girl, smudge grape
3rd row: blue blu, armie, pinched
4th row: arizona, skye, knoll
5th row: teen pink

it's not much, i know. :) bear with me please.
but it was fun making them. i look forward in making more. :)


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  1. That's awesome that you make your own mineral eyeshadows. Is it hard?

  2. at first, soon you'll get the hang of it. :) it's a fun but messy hobby. keeps the c\kids and pooches away. :)

  3. wow, they look great shen! where did you get the materials? i wanna make my own e/s too! lol

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  5. wow.. you made all of them? impressive! :-)

  6. wow....great collection!!! I love love love it!! Galing!

  7. wow....great collection!!! I love love love it!! Galing!

  8. Shen, I sent you an e-mail (on your yahoo account). I hope you got it. :)

  9. that is SO cool. you should have taken swatches of them too.

  10. FIY: Got the materials from a friend. unfortunately she doesn't sell em since its just something she uses for work. We can all get stuff like these at tkb trading and coastalscents. :) i don't think anyone here in manila sells the raw materials. :)

    to everyone(all you here!) who complimented on my DIM eyeshadows.. thank you thank you very much!! :) i love y'all!!

    christiana, i will soon swatch them over the weekend. :) will try to do an eotd as well. :)

  11. I checked out tkb before. nakakahilo ang presyo ng shipping. hehe.

  12. very pretty..!! how come i can't be that talented??? :0(

  13. wow look at you, ala Martha Stewart! ;D

    i would love to see your FOTDs with these colors!

  14. i bet all of you can make stuff like this. :)


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