Artist Brushes

Ever since i saw Koren's video about Artist or painter's brushes can be Make-up brushes, I've been searching the Metro for the same brushes or even something similar. but as usual, it has been a failure... but thankfully, i found M.Enriquez Art Supply in Recto (where National and other Bookstore get their art supply). its not Michael's but they have a few and i mean a few lang that would pass off as artist brushes. they carry a brand named Sakura, made in Japan.

I got 3 "blending" brush and "eyeliner" brush. i really don't know the names but here they are.

these are made of aminal hair. pony i think. :) it was pretty soft when i first touched them at the counter except for the biggest one i got. that i had to leave on for a few minutes with conditioner on. i love how nice these brushes feel on my eyes.

close up mode

i totally love the eyeliner brush.. hehehe! its like highschool again doing some project.

comparing to my MAC 217

as you can see these brushes are thin compared to the 217. yah yah i know.. nonetheless, this babies fit my eyes right and blend pretty well and great for practicing. and they ran pretty close to MAC 222 and 224, even 225 i think. and the eyeliner brush is quite similar with 210.
M. Enriquez also doesn't have the big brushes like 134. so thats downer..
oh how i wish we have Michael's or even just decent craft store here. :)
i will soon post eotds using the artist brushes.

i totally feel like a canvas while using it.
love it...

i remember the names(numbers actually), its 9 for the big one and 6 for the smaller kind (i got 2 of this).

total cost: P429 ($10.21)
its really a big saver compared to buying high end brushes with my amateur skills.

however, i will still buy MAC brushes if i have a few thousands of peso to spare.
and also put them on my wishlist. :)


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  1. i want these...waahh, i need more brushes, most esp blending brushes!

  2. i dunno how to go to hindi ako lumalabas ng makati unless uuwi ako sa province hahaha


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