What makes a stay-at-home mom happy? Shopping online with PayMaya!

Shopping online has become one of my favorite pastimes, be it at Zalora, Lazada, Facebook Marketplace, and what else that is ready to accept VISA through my PayMaya Virtual Card.

Yes, that’s what I do. My PayMaya is no longer just a way for me to pay my bills and buy load for my angels, I also get to use it to purchase everything I could possibly need as a mother and even things I find nice online!

I recently got a lot of accessories for my new Apple Watch and Lazada has some really good deals on watch straps and protector and I had a fun time choosing. All of it was paid through my PayMaya, making it easier for those in the house to just receive my packages.

Apart from the added convenience of not having to pay COD for my online shopping haul, I also get awesome CASHBACKS whenever I use my PayMaya account. I’ve received their cashbacks several times but now, PayMaya is giving you P500 when you spend an accumulated P5,000 with your virtual card (that’s the card you get in your app!). Yes, that’s money back to your PayMaya account. This promo runs until September 30 so this means more reason to shop on Pay Day!

Apart from the rewards, the thing I like most about going cashless with PayMaya is how easy it is to load and transfer funds. This way I also get to budget my spending money. I only transfer what I would need to purchase or add a buffer. I pay my Netflix and other apple store subscriptions through this app without worry!

Getting the Paymaya app and acquiring my own account from them has been the best thing ever for a stay-at-home mom like me! You can’t imagine how tough it is to budget a whole household and have extra for yourself. Hehehe! But with Paymaya, it’s possible and with rewards, too!

I notice though that using Paymaya has allowed me to be wise with how I purchase. And here’s more things you can do with a Paymaya account!

REAL TIME SMS notification

the app allows you to track all transactions whether you use the physical or the virtual card.

Safe from hacking or phishing

one of the tough things that I have regretted using my credit cards for our online shopping and how easily my information can be hacked. But with PayMaya, all my online transactions have been smooth, so far.


Even with sellers who don’t have credit cards options - sending money to sellers has been easy because it’s possible with Paymaya. Sellers get to tap more buyers like me who don’t usually use credit cards for transactions.


Every institution we are subscribed to are partners with PayMaya so I get to pay my bills instantly.

Sending Prepaid Load with a discount! 

Since I supply my help with her load, it’s nice that sending her one through PayMaya gives me a discount, too!

Paymaya QR option

You’ll notice more and more establishments with these QR signs. From toy store to drugstores, it’s now easy to pay your purchases without whipping out your wallet! I use this to buy meds, purchase our groceries and even shop at leading department stores!

Buy Gaming PINS

If you’re into gaming, then the Paymaya app will keep you playing!

Purchase gifts for you or the fam at the PayMaya SHOP 

PayMaya is connected and has partnered with a lot of the popular food and lifestyle brands in the country so simply visit the Shop tab and get whatever you want.

What are you waiting for? Hop on the PayMaya Bandwagon now. Download the app and enjoy the convenient cashless lifestyle, not to mention the awesome rewards from PayMaya. Don’t forget to use my code: 2ua53ki when you register so you can earn P100 FOR FREE! 

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