Andrea Shows Off Her New LunchBox from Asvel #IbangLevelSiAsvel

It's always fun to bring my kids with me to an event and this one is a little bit special because I wanted Claud to see Andrea Brillantes in person. We met her once for an SM Kids event where they both modeled a bit but that was years ago!

We all know it's very important for our kids to have good role models. Seeing Andrea in some of her ads for Careline, Claud really finds inspiration in her. So naturally, even if this momma knows how tiring it would be to bring my kids with me to an event, I did!

And it did not disappoint because the event was held at the spacious SM North The Block Activity Area. We park at the North tower and already there, you would see how great SM built the place.

Thinking of the whole family with all the yummy restos and play areas.

At the Activity Area in the middle of SM THE BLOCK is the art festival they are holding. There Asvel and National Bookstore launched their newest line of Luntus lunchboxes featuring Andrea Brillantes.

As you all know, Japanese brands have a sort of yin and yang when it comes to their design. They can be either totally minimalist or all-out Kawaii. But I'm glad the design for these lunchboxes available at our favorite bookstore hits the sweet spot. It's neither too loud in design or too plain that my child wouldn't be excited about it.

Available in red and blue, these are the lunchboxes that would grow with your children. FOR SURE. Because Luntus Asvel lunchboxes are made with quality material meant to last a looong time!

To showcare what you can make with these, Asvel invited the BentoMommas to showcase their undeniable talents in bento-making and to inspires us, moms, to create the same for our child. It's amazing really what they can do with simple ingredients. Like how do they it? Even if I'm seen them a few times demo this, I always end up with duds! hahaha!

I'm just glad that my Ate Claud loves me enough not to judge me! But look at her holding that cute little lunchbox with Bentomomma's creations.

We are so glad that we got to out as a family. A Mom and babies' day out if you will while at the same time, my kids got to meet my friends, get to know a rising star, and come home with goodies with Asvel.

Thank you so much Team Asvel Ph for making my little ones happy! And me because now I get to prepare lunch for my family to take with them to school and work in a container that is built to last!

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