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I've always had unwanted body hair and it bothered me in a big way. But now that I'm older, I've come to live with it. But of course, there will be days that I need to get rid of them. For a long time, I'm used a Philips Epilator and it really served me well even up to this day. But for those of you who don't have the budget for it, here's an alternative that's been with me for more than a decade now! For only P199, you can start getting rid of those unwanted body hairs in an instant.

Strip it! Hair Removal Sugaring kit has been a staple for many Filipinas. During the days that waxing can get really expensive, they have already catered to so many that needed to get rid of armpit and leg hair. Priced, affordably and using only natural ingredients, it's really not a surprise to see this brand grow to more than just waxing kit.

Revisiting it lately has been nostalgic!

Take a look on some of the products now that they offer aside from their waxing kits.

Oh! Scrrub! Apricot Seed Exfoliant - I've tried this in the bath using it all over my body and I like the feel of it. The apricot seed doesn't feel so harsh against my skin. The texture is between slimey and creamy but it covered my body well to so I can properly exfoliate ever inch of my skin. 

Soothing Aloe Vera Gel - If you're ever getting yourself the sugaring wax it, you have to add this to cart, too. It's the best partner especially if your skin is prone to irritation and redness. It will just literally sooth your skin and you won't feel the sting with it's cooling effect. It's just 159 and you can use it for anything. From insect bites, sunburns and skin burns.

Strip It! Bumps Away Ingrown Cream - it has trace amounts of salicylic acid that helps the skin exfoliate properly. This ingredient is mostly used for acne and since ingrown is almost like it, it was nice to see this ingredient in this solution. I also like that it's packed with essential moisturizing oils that keeps the skin renewed.

Sun and Pollution Defence Sunblock with SPF50 - at P300 for 100ml with jus the right ingredients (titanium dioxide, niacinamide and zinc oxide) to really protect your skin, you can delitely count on this product to keep you safe from UV rays. It's not sticky icky but may cause a little white cast so use this for the body. I love the scent and it's something I make sure to use everyday on my arms and legs.

As for the Sugaring Wax, of course, I have to show to you how I used it.

Strip It! Sugaring Chocolate Wax | P440

I used the Strip it Chocolate Sugaring Wax for this one since I already know how well the original formula performed. To this date, it's still my favorite Sugar wax.

Naturally if you're sharing this with other people, I don't recommend double dipping. But if its just yours and you've cleansed your skin properly, then you can re-use the spatula.

As you can see, I have hair legs like a man. I'm just blessed with a husband who didn't mind it. This has been the bane of my existence along with my dark underarms!

But thank God simple solutions like Strip It! Sugaring Wax, it's quite easy to get rid of these hair.
Apply it evenly - not too thick or too thin - just enough to cover the hair. 

Apply the Stripping Cloth, rub it in to transfer for about 30 seconds.

Pull it against the hair growth... Viola! Hairless results!

Ewww! Toss in the garbage and repeat the process until you feel satisfactory all hairs are gone.

What to love about this process is that as you do it frequently, the pain will lessen and the hair will grow thinner. Feel free to wear shorts and skirts without the dyahe feel of hair!

Apply the Soothing Aloe Vera after to soothe the skin. You may use Bumps Away everyday to prevent ingrown hairs. If you're using sunblock on your body, make sure to exfoliate twice a week to cleanse the area properly since this can cause blockage on your pores. 

Visit to shop these items and start your DIY hairless journey!

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