#BESTEVERLIFE with the NEW Joy Dishwashing Liquid!

We're going to get a little domesticated here because I seriously think that I should've had this blog post a long time ago because this is one of the household products I've been using far longer than any products I own! So, what do you think of me doing a product review of some of my favorite household items? Well, sit tight. You're getting one!

Joy Dishwashing Liquid recently sent over this huge box of their NEW Joy Lemon Variant. My favorite is actually the calamansi but who cares. What's important is that they both function the same way and that's to get rid of all the grease in my pans and dishes.

You've seen the commercial, that one drop thing that can clean a whole lotta plate. You see Joy practically everywhere, especially in households that cooks a lot of Filipino type dishes. Now this is what I noticed, those friends or family of mine who don't use Joy, they don't cook a lot of the greasy Pinoy food like Kalderata, Kare-kare, Sinigang, Liempo, etc. These types of food cling to your pans and to your dishes... and Oh God, do they cling to your lunch boxes!

And in all my years of washing dishes (I love washing dishes), only Joy can get rid of the greasy icky smell of sinigang from a Tupperware. You know what I mean!

What I didn't realize though that Joy is especially formulated with a special amphilic polymer called, HOD, encapsulates grease easily. To understand it, you have to think of Oil Makeup Remover or Micellar Water. It basically does the same thing but with food grease. This is why Joy can promise a true ZERO SEBO (Zero grease) results to us.

So now that I live a yaya-less life, I actually made sure that I got stocks of Joy because I don't ever want to run out of it. But I don't have to tell you really how good Joy is because they just broke their former record and doubled it by washing 17,500 plates using a 495 ml bottle! What a feat, di ba? They actually filled the San Juanico Bridge form end to end with plates. Ang galing!

This of course was celebrated with a Salu-salu and just imagine how many dishes they need to clean when the celebration started in San Juanico and Metro Manila. Personally, I just find it incomparable but more than the number of dishes that is washed, what's important is how clean my dishes are and it's only with Joy I truly feel the confidence. So confident I also use Joy to wash my synthetic makeup brushes. It is just that tough on that it easily breaks down oils and pigments. Sa sebo at pagkain pa kaya?

#BESTEVERLIFE seemed a little too much to express how we feel about washing dishes using Joy. But really, doesn't it feel really good knowing na tapos na ang hugasin?

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