Food Review | A Peruvian Feast at Don Andres Peruvian Restaurant

Food for me is like experiencing a whole new country, traveling by way of flavors. And since I am pretty much not a travel kind of person, I don't say no to trying out new cuisines. It was the reason why I am always trying something new. If not for being adventurous with food, I would not have been able to share my love for Thai and Japanese cuisines to my family. It's a far cry from who I was before who relied on the usually Filipino restaurants (not to discount them though coz Filipino food are

Today, I had the pleasure of dining with fellow bloggers at the newly opened Don Andres Peruvian restaurant at Pioneer Center located at Bo. Kapitolyo in Pasig. It was truly a gastronomic experience of what Peru can offer right at the heart of Pasig! They are famous for their authentic Peruvian Chicken. Used to be in QC, this place became a hot spot for the latin flavors and generous servings. But like all things, they must grow and so they moved to thankfully, a closer location with ample FREE PARKING. Hehehe!

The place is designed like a latin dream, colorful and dark at the same time. They are now at what used to the The Breakfast Club just beside Pioneer Center and Starbucks. Easy to spot.

Highlight of the whole feast was definitely the Peruvian Chicken or POLLO A LA BRASA (starts at 149 to 690) that is flavored and roasted to perfection. Not to mention healthy. The skin was soo good with all the herbs and spices rubbed on it. While the meat was tender but firm enough. It is juicy and filled with aroma!

The sauces that came with it, divine! I particularly loved the one with celery and fetta cheese. Glorious! It was hard to imagine that a whole pollo (chicken) with 4 side dishes was only P690! That alone can feed my whole family.

But the food tasting did not stop there. The appetizers were heavenly refreshing as well!

I loved the CHOROS ALA CHALACA (P340 for 5 spoonful) ! I was told to eat it in one go and boy did it bring me back to days on the beach! It was the fresh and mussels, really big! They also use fresh limes for all the dishes needing it so you really get that satisfaction of freshness in every bite.

I also loved the CEVICHE DE PESCADO (P380), another refreshing appetite that will surely prepare you for the onslaught of flavors for your entrees. NO photos coz we pretty devoured it the moment it hit the table. The serving though is hefty!

LOMO SALTADO (P420) is dish with a Japanese influence as it contains soy sauce. I love that a latin dish has asian influence and it did the dish justice. The beef was tender and sauce just the right kind of umami and it balanced well with the fried potatoes underneath,

ARROZ CON MARISCOS (P395) is like paella! Seafood paella! The rice was soft and flavorful and it paired well with the Peruvian chicken. I took this dish home because I'm sure the husband will love this paired with the ribs.

BBQ BABY BACK RIBS (P395) were one of the last dishes I tried. It's not the usual ribs I enjoy but I loooove the Peruvian twist they did with the BBQ sauce. I know immediately that my husband will loooove this and eat and munch it to the bones.

I would have been happy with the dishes I mentioned above, but a good feast is not complete with dessert!

Number 1 for me is PIE DE LIMON (P155), a tarte lemon pie that's a whole feast of flavor on its own. I particularly like how well-balance the tarteness and sweetness of this dessert. This is a must-try. After a huge feast that we had, Pie de Limon was the perfect end to it. It circles back to the freshness of flavor from the appetizers.

A sweet tooth through and through? Then go for Chocolate Lava Cake (P185)! Rich Vanilla Ice Cream underneath a hot chocolate cake topped with chocolate drizzle and cookie. It's amazing! Really satisfying! I would get this if I just ordered the chicken and an appetizer and I will leave Don Andres a satisfied customer.

The TRES LECHES (P165/slice) is for those who like mild sweetness and just likes to end a feast with a little bit of sweetness. I like the sugar strings as it helps balance the milky flavor of the dessert. It's not particularly a favorite but it is the prettiest dessert for me.

Their iced tea is really good, too!

There's more to try at Don Andres and I look forward to an outing with the family this weekend there! Let me know if you've already tried it and tell me which one is your favorite. I personally would go back for the famous Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken! Yum!

Don Andres Peruvian Restaurant is located at Pioneer Center, Bo. Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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