Anti-Haul | KKW Beauty Contour Kit

I really thought I would be the first on board to buy the Kim Kardashian-West Beauty. I watch their reality TV and I really like them albeit a lot of people think they are devil-incarnate. But yeah, I admire their tenacity and their marketing genius.

But seriously, coming out with a product that is barely 3 inches on one end for a BASE product that is 50 freaking dollars is just way too much banking on their good nam! They really ripping people off! First  tools like that, the container would barely cost a dollar if you buy them in bulk! That alone is a dishonest way of doing your business! And it comes in a zip lock!! Tati can't even justify that Pat McGrath came out with the same but with stellar formulations nd ground-breakingly unique!

Now let's say that the formula is good! No grey cast, blends well and it really matches skin tone. Ummm.. a lot of contour kits does the exact same thing. Unless this one doesn't budge an inch once applied and blended then I would understand! I don't my oily skin would stand a cream product like this and I know you girls agree! The amount you are getting for 3 products is not worth the high price tag just because it has her holy name written on it.

.016 oz on each side does not justify no matter how good the formulation is because it is a base product! A Face Base product if you really think it through is something that you use a lot! Like foundation, primer, powder etc. The contour kit, if you use it daily would probably last you a week! And since she advertises exactly that, you will be paying 50$ 4x a month and that's already $200 on their overflowing pockets. It is just not fair. I find it totally deceiving.

Now if you are going to reason out that you get a tool out of each purchase and 2 products... Girl, seriously, do you need a tool every time? And is it even good? I know brands who sells almost the same sponge tip and brushes and they don't sell it at such high price point and if they do, they ain't making a fool of us. And even if KKW Beauty sell each contour and highlighting stick for $20 to 30, it is still way overpriced. My Maybelline contour stick lasted me about 3 months and it barely cost $20. My Benefit Hoola Bronzer is around $35 here with price inflation but that one lasted me a year!

Kim knows she can't BS people around and I don't understand why youtubers are singing praises over this. Let's call a spade, spade and just admire her for other things she really is good at.

So Sorry, Tati that I used your video to show the world how undeserving we are of this shitty product.
I'm so disappointed that Kim came out with this as her launch product. It's an insult to the people who actually loves her. At least her sister, Kylie came out with lip products that is actually hard to finish for the same price! The least she could have done was give us a good amount of sticks and have respect for the money that we work hard for... same as she does as she claims all the time on her reality TV.

But this?? I am truly discouraging you from getting this. You are wasting your money especially that we will surely have to pay more since it has become a high ticket item and pre-order sellers will increase the amount for this. My thinking is that it only got sold out so people can use it as content for their videos etc. since anything Kardashian will surely give you good views coz of the hype. But, sesriously? What about regular people like us?

Go to Make Up For Ever, Benefit, NYX and Maybelline.. or any other brand. Brands that actually does research and actually gives you your money's worth! You don't deserve a short-ass stick to make you feel beautiful. Don't even get it for the status quo. There are more brands out there worthy of your $50. Hourglass, Tarte etc. I could name more but you might think I'm just selling these other brands to you. I'm not. This is a sort of public service.

Please don't buy those sticks she has the audacity to say that will change your life. It won't. In my years of blogging, this is the only time I feel I'm getting cheated on and I don't even own it. Sorry to say this  really,  I'M NOT SORRY.

I love you too much to pull your leg. Much love!!

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