My Review and How to Use the NEW Belo Intensive Whitening BB Body Cream (with VID Tutorial)

Belo Intensive Whitening line is probably my favorite line amongst all the mastigge line ups from the brand. It's simply because it lives up to its promise. This line really helps lighten the skin. They know their ingredients and they know what is good to put together to give instant and lasting results.

So don't be surprised that I joined the band wagon when I saw the Belo Intensive Whitening BB Body Cream. It's a lot more interesting, to be honest, than it predescesor BB Cream. Why? Because it comes in aerosol can! So yes, it is almost like Dior Flash for the body. Sosyal, di ba?

It actually looks a lot like the sunscreen in cans that dominated the social media last summer. But what's great about this right here is that It's a SUNSCREEN, WHITENING and BODY MAKEUP!

Ang bongga, di ba?

So I took photos of it and actually made a video of how to use it. I'm coming from a newbie stand point and there is certainly a learning curve in using this. But to say that it didn't work... well it did and I really really really loooooove the after photos.

Here's the video and please do stay for the rest of this review.

What I like about the Belo Intensive Whitening BB Body Cream are:

1. It's easy to blend - albeit it naturally leaves left over on the hands, the way it blends on to the legs and arms, it's sooo amazing! The consistency is a little runny which actually a good thing because unless you're covering big problems areas, this formula is ideal to still give you a natural looking flawless legs. Ung tipong di ka naman mabubuko na pati legs mo naka-makeup

2. Dries to a matte finish - and since our body don't oil up as our face does, it actually dries down matte!

3. Stays on all day (PRACTICALLY WATER-PROOF) - it stays on that when I took a bath forgetting I had this on, I had a hard time washing it off with soap and water. I had to dry pat my legs so I can use a decent makeup remover just to get it off. O di ba??

4. I got it off SampleRoom so it's FREE TO TRY - Belo Intensive Whitening Team is simply secure that they don't mind shelling out a few products for people to try first because they know that people will highly likely buy it after. Tama naman!

5. LOVE THE AEROSOL PACKAGING - best container for a sunscreen, body makeup coz it's easy to use. Much more it's spill-proof and travel-friendly. 

I really love this. NO B.S.

You got your SUNSCREEN, it EVENS OUT SKINTONE, WHITENS THE SKIN and it's not sticky-icky! Finally the marks on my legs will have a better chance of disappearing and my skin will look much better than before.

And best of all, kikinis talaga ng legs and arms mo everyday you use it!

Here's a before and after photo!

description, ingredient list, and instructions

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Happy weekend! Don't forget to wear your sunscreen!

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