#TheCalaors and Gardenia Pocket Sandwiches

Who ever said that being a stay-at-home mom is the easiest job in the world has never been one and/or have little appreciation for their mothers. To be honest, I used to think the same til I became one and found myself stumbling in everything I do and never get to finish off my to-do list. It's a 26-hour work and sleep is often optional.

So we go to where ever help is given, anything to make our lives easier. And that's where the new Gardenia Pocket Sandwich comes in. We first encountered it while I was at the grocery looking for "baon" for Claud's trial classes. I personally got one for myself to try first because no mama just give snacks to her babies she hasn't tasted. And it tastes pretty good. The same soft Gardenia loaf bread I love and a not-all-too-sweet peanut butter that I know Claud likes.

The chocolate though is her favorite! She digs for the creamy chocolatey goodness at the middle every chance she gets.

Now that I am no longer a stay-at-home-mom, my time with my precious little girl is more important. I make sure my weekends are free for her and we spend time outdoors. On week days, before the craziness of work begins. My husband does the same even with two jobs weighing his time down. I'm glad I married a man who thinks not only to provide us with things but also with his time and affection.

Our family is pretty simple and that's why we included Gardenia Pocket Sandwich in our lives, especially in my child's diet. This easy to open, fuss-free snack allows me a little bit more time to spend with her. I just grab one or two pocket sandwiches and we're ready to go out and have fun together!

Wishing for more variants of palaman, Gardenia. Cheese, perhaps? 

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