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Air Asia has made itself a tough contender in providing Asian people the the best low cost flights. But not one to rest on their laurels, they are launching a 6-part web series featuring some of Asia's best-kept attraction. And who best to showcase this to us but none other than, award-winning TV host and producer, Daphne Oseña-Paez.

Daphne shared how inspiring becoming part of AirAsia. Growing up in an airbase, she expresses how it feels like coming full circle to host these series. And even with decades of hosting, Daphne said this is one of the most fulfilling projects she has ever done. To also align herself with a powerhouse that is AirAsia.

We come to understand this during the press screening of the very first episode of Red Talks, Destination: Dream (The Man with the Red Cap) that takes us to the journey of Tony Fernndes, it's founder and CEO, in building what is now an Empire of an airline. Tony shares AirAsia's humbling beginnings as it traversed through ordeals over the past years. What people taught was a lost cause, he saw so much more and took everything he learned in his lifetime to build the AirAsia brand.

Sharing with you the link to this episode aired last Saturday, MArch 25, on AirAsia's Facebook Page and be wowed with how Tony Fernandes made AirAsia the no. 1 airline in SEA.


What an inspiring story! So much grit and spunk and brain in one man! Imagine if everyone is as courageous as he is in creating and building something. An ounce of his determination can certainly help me! I just love mstories like this and it sets a magnificent tone for the rest of the coming episode of Red Talks with Daphne Osena-Paez.

The second episode titled Destination: Fly is an inside look on what it takes to be an AirAsia cabin crew and how their journeys and training earned them the distinct recognition of being world-class in a highly demanding job and environment. 

Destination: Good (The Silversmiths of Arkomjogja), meanwhile, tells the story of architects and silversmiths in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. This third episode highlights the work of the AirAsia Foundation in keeping these ancient traditions alive. 

Asked what her favorite was, Daphne mentioned meeting silversmiths of Jogjakarta of Indonesia. A magical place that she definitely considers one for her books. Which only shows that we have only seen a small part of the world and shows like this showcases parts are a gem! If you haven't been to Indonesia, this is the best time to see it without moving from your seat.

Episode Four is called Destination: Unity. It talks about ASEAN as a single market destination and how AirAsia is making it more convenient, more affordable, more fun and more exciting to travel around thousands of islands and the challenges of connecting people, places, and empowering communities. 

Destination: Harmony (The role of business in environmental protection) goes to Palawan. In this fifth episode, Daphne talks about pearl production and delves into the ongoing campaign to protect Palawan’s marine biodiversity through responsible eco-tourism.  

The Finale, titled Destination: Freedom (A tribute to travelers from all walks of life), brings viewers to Shanghai, China in a story of adventure, thrill, and excitement.  

I admit that I'm not much into travelling but because of Red Talks, travel bug has bit me because it's not your run-off=the-mill travel show. The story in these histories provide more than just getting to check off a place on the world map of getting your picture taken in front of temple. There is a story, an emotion that provokes your own. There is experience and growth with each step.

As beauty guru, I have always had an eye for beauty even if people think there is none to be had.. As mother, that was ingrated more into my system because I only want my daughter to see th good in the world and so I must do the same. These episode shows that there is a phoenix rising from the ashes, there are dreams that come true. There are goals that aren't just #feedgoals but #heartgoal. In 10 minutes, you get to see more of Asia and not just the troubles that you see on the news.

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You can catch "Red Talks with Daphne" at AirAsia Facebook Page every Saturday, 7pm (Manila Time).

Red Talks with Daphne was made possible by the AirAsia Foundation, the AA BIG Loyalty Programme, Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta, Flower Island Resort Palawan and Jewelmer. 

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