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I grew up with an OC mother who refuse to go to bed without showering first. She never sits on her bed with her outside clothes, have separate pantulog from her pambahay and always always had alcohol everywhere in her house. Despite her busy schedule, she managed to provide a clean and homey home to me and my father. All of which I now practice in my own home.

But of course, there are a few things I needed to learn on my own and the tips of mommy friends definitely helps, too. Many of which I just recently acquired from dear and longtime friend Nikki of She had a talk entitled "A Busy Mom's Guide To Bond with Her Kids."
We both share similarities in life in such a way that the opportunities that comes knocking at our door takes us to different places. She's a makeup artist/lifestyle beauty blogger, a successful HR practiioner as well as speaker and Brand Consultant and anymore. While I am currently a brand consultant, PR practitioner, blogger. Though I may not be as busy as her, the overwhelming chores and other to do's  can get the best of us. She gave a lot of pointers so that we can maximixe every second we spend with our kids.

Know Your Priorities

Our priorities define us. It sets the tone the things we need to do first. Mine would be my family and then my career. So if I notice that my career is taking way too much time from my child, I make sure to review my schedules. Naturally, my career helps me with the expenses at home that int run makes life easier for my child so I don't resent it. Besides, I'd hate to hate the very thing that defined me as a women before I became a mother. So I take time to meld both so I can be a better mom to Claud and a person to the people around me.

Quality of Quantity

Which we now go to Nikki's next advice which is to make the most of your time with kids. Most busy mom are out of the house. Add to that the horrible traffic that eats more of our time, we only have a few hours left to our children! That's why Nikki pointed out that every second spend with our kids, we should give our 100% attention. SIng a song, dance, play and tickle with them.. let your child feel your presence! And by that she means, put away your phones and keep the status update for later!

Disinfect Toys frequently

How often did your children pick up a toy they want to play with but since it's dirty we take it away. Naturally, after we clean it they've already lost interest and they are probably grouchy as hell, making you grouchy, too! Well, to avoid this from happening ensure all their toys or anything they could get their hands on are clean. Using an alcohol with an atomizer or a spray bottle (I like the one from Biogenic) to clean my daughter's toys. I also bring two small bottles of alcohol (one for my bag and one in Claud's diaper bag) to clean stuff with when we are out!)

Having a clean home and a disinfected home is totally different. I used to get frustrated that toys are all over our rooms. Now, I am at peace with it! What I make sure though is that we always sanitize everything. And that from our floors to Claud's toys. And yes, we go through bottles of alcohol at home monthly!

It takes a village!

Lahat naman tayo dito gusto na we spend all our time to care for our children but we can't. We have careers and other obligations. We also need me-time. You can't give from an empty cup, I always believed. So don't feel bad asking help from your husband, yaya or grandparents. Most of them are just waiting for you to ask and they would freely give you a hand in rearing your children.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent at My Biogenic World, Playtime Discoveries! Not only did I learn great tips from fellow mommy friends, but Claud also was able to do some exploring herself. She was able to build a small building using lego toys, played with sand and shapes, rode a train, did some wishing and jumping on bouncy castle!

We had much fun that I made a video about it so my daughter can watch all her antics during the time we went at My Biogenic World Playtime Discoveries!

I was so scared that a bug might get to her and she gets sick or cold from touching things we weren't sure were clean. Buti na lang there we Biogenic alcohols everywhere.

Thank you sooo much, tita Nikki! Claud and I had soo much fun at your talk and event. Si daddy bigyan ng award kasi siya nagbantay kay baby most of the time. Hehehe!

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  1. Super adorable ni clau! :) And I also have an OC mom! hehe :D Sayang wasn't able to see you!


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