Annam Noodle Bar | My First Bowl of Pho

My first ever taste of Vitenamese cusine is at Annam Noodle Bar, the latest Vietnamse restaurant in Manila! Located at the busy Eastwood City, Annam came right on time with its hot bowls of satifying Phos just when rainy season began in Manila. 

The warm and modern vibe of Annam felt like you're transported to the heritage-rich country of Vietnam. I was told that Annam is patterned over Singapore's NamNam Noodle House, a casual quick-service restaurant that's a hit with younger crowd. The whole place is lively, 

I was told that their authentic Vietnamese hot and iced coffee is gaining popularity! I was tempted to try it but when Rowena of told me that it kept her until 3 AM, I couldn't. But it was definitely on my list to try on my next visit. I also told my coffee-loving friends about this and they are excited to try it. Some of my friends have been to Vietnam and they told that they have never come across a legit Vietnamese coffee that they liked in Manila. I think Annam is what they're looking for.

Pho Australian Wagyu Beef Slices, beef served Medium Rare (P550)

I surprised many of my friends when I told them how much I enjoyed the Annam Noodle Bar's Pho because they know that soup dishes are my least favorite. I don't know why but I guess the combination of cold rain, warm but energy filled place of Annam and the hot, spicy broth satisfied me! And I haven't gone to the aldente rice noodles and perfectly cooked wagyu slices. Am floored with how good it is and how the serving is enough for one to two people. For about P400++, no centavo is wasted with how awesome this Pho is!

These Crispy Imperial Rolls (P200) are TDF! You know me, I usually stay as far away from but this made me love veggies. And don't even get me started on their Mekong Prawn Rolls (P200). I'd order more but there were more dishes that needed my attention.

I had the pleasure of dining with Jane Uymatiao, a very dear Ate friend, she ordered salad as starters and Tangy mango salad, prawns, pork, fresh herbs, peanuts (P250). You can really taste the freshness with every bite! Like I said, I don't like veggies but for this, I make an exception.

I feel so bad that I have stayed away from Vietnamese cuisine for sooooo long! I didn't realize how awesome their foods are! But I'm certainly glad my first foray into this cuisine is through Annam, to which many considers the best Pho in Manila. Not to mention that it is acclaimed as authentic Vietnamese resturant.

Fresh Southern Rolls (P170)

Let's pause for a while as I stare at this yummy Caramelised Chicken Wings in Shrimp Paste (P200)! It was like I was waiting for the right kind of Vietnamese restaurant to finally give it a a try and Annam hit me at all the right spot

And let's not even get started with how much love this dessert! Vanilla Pudding with wsweet sugary caramel syrup (P150). I can't get enough off! And oh! That's coconut shaving on top! I would come back for this alone.

Another thing I like but wasn't able to take a photo of was their Banh Mi, toasted baguettes stuffed with  differnt varieties. of meat, vegetable and spices. The Catfish with spices is must-try! I was told that these are their second best-sellers (first naturally are their Pho dishes).

I'm really glad that my first foray in Vietnamese dishes is with Annam Noodle Bar. I personally didn't think I would love this kind of cusine but Annam was able to tailor fit their dishes and entire menu to match their consumers and their hunger for food innovation while still staying authentic.

Annam is not just about food! If you want to experience authentic coffee and meals, you can easily prepare them in your homes. They have the Vietnamese version of Maggi Savor, hot sauce, Hoisin and even rice noodle. So if you wan to test your cooking skills at makingee Pho, Annam has the best ingredients for you.

Annam definitely made me miss my mom. She loves Vietnamese food and I'm sure she would have loved the Wagyu Slices Pho. I'm glad I have these peeps with me to share this feast!

If you're looking for something new to try this weekend, because to be honest there isn't much restaurant opening lately that's worth the time and money, Annam Noodle Bar is the best place to hit. Whether with your friends or your family, Annam has something for you. Personally, I could use another bowl of Pho right about now.\

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  1. Hi Shen! Thanks for the awesome review! It was nice to meet you and I hope to see you back in Annam Noodle Bar for all your pho cravings! :)


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