Meet the Newest Addi(c)tion to Our Family | The La-Z-Boy

"It's never too late for a La-Z-Boy." That's what my husband said when the La-Z-Boy recliner arrived. He's actually the one who wanted it for the longest time and now I understand why. It's the best recliner EVER. Naturally, I have tried them already in cinemas but never did I realize that having one at home would be life changing.

Being a work from home mom, I didn't realize that my stress level would increase with having to deal with both work and home issues all at the same time, add to that breastfeeding an overzealous toddler became an ordeal. When your child has the dexterity to open up your shirt and demand to be breastfed, it's quite hard to train her to follow rules.

So I decided to use our La-Z-boy as our new breastfeeding station. Instead of having to go to bed to breastfeed, this recliner became a place for me to bond with my child during our feeding sessions. It's so easy to assemble and move so I was able to place it near my laptop where I can use my wireless keyboard and type away articles as I attend to my daughter. And just when she's asleep, I can easily move her to the bed with just a soft pull of the lever.

I can't tell you enough, how many times I have fallen asleep in my La-Z-boy! It's the softest chair ever with no risk of body pain because it supports the body so well! I've taken afternoon siestas in this chair so many times!

But naturally, it is not only I who enjoyed this chair wonder! My husband uses this in the morning and evening when he's watching his favorite shows, basketball games and also a lot of time, bonding with our daughter. Seeing the two loves enjoying their time on our La-Z-boy makes me realize all the more that I'm happy that it is a part of life now.

Did you know that La-Z-boy started out by making wooden patio chairs? From such a simple and humble beginnings and the desire to improve the simple act of sitting for everyone, La-Z-boy became the huge brand they are now!

What makes this chair a part of many household now is all about the comfort and quality they were able to deliver with every recliner. The patented design that allows the chair to automatically  adjust to any type of body that sits on it for complete lumbar support. And it accommodates every contour and length of the body while providing a soothing rocking motion that took rocking chair ti a whole new level.

To have La-Z-Boy is having a comfortable chair to sit on at home. It actually became a status quo. But for mother's like me, it's the best partner for our breastfeeding journey that I wish we had this since I became pregnant!

And to say the quality that it has... Well, it has the strongest materials and mechanism that safety is assured! Having a toddler at home, one of my apprehension with having something like this at home might cause accidents. but La-Z-Boy has a secure locking footrest that assures me that even if my toddler plays with it when the footrest is up she won't hurt her self. There is also no fear of toppling over because the chair is well-balanced that at full recline, the La-Z-Boy can act as a bed!

For months, I've been nagging the husband for the incessant back pain not knowing that my office chair and wrong breastfeeding position was the culprit. having the La-Z-Boy eliminated that and has given me more reason to breastfeed and enjoy my shows more!

When we got the La-Z-Boy, I was worried that it wouldn't fit in in our small home and family, I didn't realize, it was what we were waiting for for a long time.

I just love how easy it is for Claud to climb on the La-Z-Boy and sit with me while we watch our favorite shows. It made staying home a great experience for me as a mom.

Even if La-Z-Boy was a bit big for our room, we made room for it and welcomed it's comforting soft cushion and loving reclining capabilities. It's practically a part of the family already!

This one does the magic for you. Pull the lever and the legrest goes up. Sit back and adjust to the level of your comfort and relax. Pull it back and the recliner goes to back to its original position. It's that easy. 

La-Z-Boy was easy to assemble and it was so easy to move in from room to room. I could practically live on it, too! Seriously, the first week we got it, me and the husband was taking turns living in it! LOL!

And let me just say that getting a mani/pedi at home has never been the same! Hahaha!

So if you're asking me asking me if a La-Z-Boy is worth it? Every single penny! Now I know what the fuss is all about.

Thanks, La-Z-Boy Philippines, for facialitating this and making my home homier!

If you want a La-Z-Boy like this (costs only around 30-40K), you can get them at Blims Fine Furniture Showrooms and La-Z-Boy stores.

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  1. My fiance and I have been checking out La-Z-Boys a few months back. We want to have one once we move officially move in together to our new place after the wedding. Glad to know it helped you be more relaxed when you breastfeed... My only purpose is ang sarap manuod ng TV sitting on one but now that you finally mentioned it... More reasons to buy one! Haha! :D


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