Happy Skin Cosmetics X Beauty Bar Work It Girl Collection

Happy Skin launched its latest collection with Beauty Bar and they christened it, Work it Girl. The collection consist of an eyebrow pencil and 2 exclusive Beauty Bar Shut up and Kiss Me Moisturizing lippies. What's the inspiration? Us, of course! The every working girl in all of us and that includes every woman who works for something in their lives. So be it a career girl climbing the corporate ladder, the start-up newbie, or work-at-home and stay-at-home mommas, this is the collection for you.

Many would agree that most hard-working women try their best to look good on top of everything on their plate. It's just who we are and it's not even for the sake of vanity but of respecting other people to show up looking presentable. And if pressed for time, we will surely have that kilay #onfleek and our lips rouged with our favorite MLBB. No. Matter. What. #YouGoGirl

Happy Skin x Beauty Bar came up with a trio brow pencil that has everything a kilay girl would need. There's the sword-type slanted pencil that shapes and shades in the brows. Then the sponge-tip brow powder that adds color and dimension. And of course, the spoolie that polishes your brows.
This kind of brow pencil/tool though is not new to us since we've seen it with K-Palette, Makeup Forever Pro Scultping Brows, Majolica Majorca and L'Oreal Paris. It just varies in shades. Downside though with Happy Skin Bull's Eye Brow Trio is that they only have one shade. They promise that is a universal color that would suit all of us. It works fine with me and currently matches my skin and hair colour.

This much product would probably last you a month of two with daily usage. Not bad for P899.

If you think this shade will suit you then I suggest grabbing this. The powder is subtle while the pencil is pigmented and can easily achieve a softer of more defined brows. It being a sponge-tip and the pencil, sword type, even a newbie can work this.

*But if you can still get a hold of their eyebrow pencil before, then get that. I like the liquid brow liner of that one because it stays on for two days. It's like a natural tint that fades after a few days. Controlling the shade you apply may need practice but this is a good buy. Well, stock up on it before they phase it out.

Happy Skin is best at creating the most moisturizing and pigmented lip color. They've got the science on this to a T. Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing lippies is actually my favorite format next to their lip and cheek mousse. For the Work It Girl collection, they came up with a two new colors with #GirlBoss names! There's the Slayin' It and Wonder Woman. We've probably heard these words a time or two in reference to us. Hehehe!

Wonder Woman and Slayin' It
Slayin' It is a warm deep mauve shade. The shade has warm undertone but I think this can be paired with a cool eye shadow combinations.

Wonder Woman is red brown lip color that is so on trend now. It can pass for a subtle red lipstick if you still can't bring yourself to wear a vibrant rouge hue. 

Swatchs of Wonder Woman and Slayin' It.

Both shades are easily an everyday wear. No doubt about that. Happy Skin founders, Rissa and Jacque, assured us that these shades are timeless and would suit us no matter what life throws at us on a daily basis. It's the next MLBB colors that we can't leave without. With a mid-range price of P599 each, it's not that bad for lip colours you can use for everyday. It's moisturising with a really comfortable feel that doesn't chap the lips. It may not be a vavavoom matte but you gotta admit that our lips need hydration more than flat matte power for our day to day activities.

If this is the first time you're trying out makeup and you want something really nice and a makeup brand that knows how to take care of your skin then you should consider Happy Skin Cosmetics. It's one of the makeup brands easily available in the market.

If you want to know what happened at the launch of Happy Skin X Beauty Bar Work It Girl Launch, please watch my video coverage. 

As of the moment, the Work It Girl collection is available at the following online stores.


Test, swatch and buy them also at Beauty Bar stores nationwide, Happy Skin in Glorietta 3, Happy Skin Kiosks (have you seen them? Their kiosk are so chic!) and Happy Skin located at Plains and Prints.

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