My Sephora PH Haul | 3 Masks I Need At Home

With a busy schedule, I make sure that I never ran out of masks at home. It's my go-to skin care rescue for all my skin dilemmas that needs to be addressed ASAP. Why? Because masks are jam packed with skin caring ingredients that target skin concerns and results are instant. Over the years, I make sure that I have three kinds of masks that helps with my usual skin troubles.

1. Mask for Acne Breakouts

I got the Mario Badescu Drying Mask from Sephora Philippines so I can try this holy grail mask that is raved all over the world. Known for its zit-zapping and strong scent of sulfur, it was exactly what I was looking for for my breakouts. It contains Callamine Lotion to soothe troubled skin as it helps dry out acne and absorb excess oil. Since my skin has been clear the past weeks, the hubs is the one who benefits from this one right now on the lone breakout he has on his temple. With just one use, his acne faded almost overnight!

Don't be turned off by the smell, it won't last long. It's be worth it!

2. Eye Masks

After a short travel to Hong Kong in 2013, I got addicted to eye masks. Our days were full and we only had 2-3 hours of sleep each night. Eye masks literally saved me from looking like a zombie at 6 in the morning! I would leave it on til I wake up and there's barely any sign that I had a busy night! No eyebags and dark undereyes! It can get a bit expensive though so I was quite happy to see Sephora have a 5-piece masks for only less than Php500! Such a steal and I there's a lot to choose from.

Got intrigued by Job's Tears Eye Mask. You can get this per piece to test it out but I was pretty much soldwhen it says whitening and moisturizing on the description. It's exactly what my eyes need right now!

3. Moisturizing Masks

I'm 32, I am not exactly the young early 20 something girl anymore. Despite my PCOS condition that still pretty much keep me on acne medications, some parts of my face (most of it now actually) needs hydration.I usually would prefer sheets masks but this Sephora Jelly Mask Moisturizing and Energizing is just too good to pass. Though the packaging may not be as eco-friendly, it is quite convenient especially when travelling. 

This is the best mask for the rainy season when our skin is adjusting from Summer heat to the colder days ahead. It feels cool and hyrdating. Not sticky-icky, thank GOD! I was worried about that. I decided against washing it off. I used instead a warm damp towelette (I prefer Aquazorb hand towels). I just pop the towel in the microwave for a good 10-20 second to warm it up and use it to easily remove the mask residue. Then I apply the eye mask and go to sleep! Ahh! Soft supple skin ready for a good night's rest.

The changing season is here and I am loving it! I used to hate the monsoon season because of the awful storms and typhoon, but our skin and body needs a break from all the heat! Make sure though that you are armed and ready for it! Hope my post helps you on what masks to purchase for your skin concerns. If you have more questions, feel free to comment below! I'll get right on it ASAP!

Wanna shop these masks? Visit Sephora Philippines! Hurry most of these are eaily sold out!

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  1. This is the first time I've heard of an eye mask. I'm definitely gonna check it out. I currently use a really messy charcoal mud mask right now. Did well on my skin but, again, really really messy. LOL



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