Sample Room Lifts Off in Boho-Chic Style

Sample Room Philippines made everything official at Balai Indang, Tagaytay. It's the most quaint resort/b&b (though its a massive 5 hectare land), lush with greeneries and will make you forget about the heat and pollution of Manila. They dressed up the place with a Boho Chic theme that definitely got us all in the mood to loosen up. It's one of those chill events that makes you think of carefree road trips, pig-out with your friends (because the food at Balai Indang is TDF! It's that good!) and endless talks and testing of your favourite products.

It was a trip worth remembering and bearing Manila traffic!

Elizabeth Hall became a Coachella-inspired venue. Dreamy dream catchers hung on the ceilings, huts with our favourite brands we got to try for free at Sample Room the past year are there! Lot os table to accommodate all the Partner Bloggers, Bloggers Circle and Roomies and members of the press. Suffice to say, the place was packed with giddy women who have one thing in common... we all love to try something new!

The whole day was spent getting to know a lot of people (shout out to the Bagets Sample Roomies), bonding with my fellow #titasofManila beauty blogger friends and media friends.

Oh to see Sample Room reach this kind of success with the simple yet so altruistic goal in mind was too overwhelming for me. Let me tell you a secret, I was present when Sophie, Nats, Kath and Dianna brained storm about Sample Room. Their try before you buy was born from seeing it a major movement in nearby countries and those in the US. At that time, it seems farfetched to have such concept here but with determination, patience and open to new possibilities and changes these amazing women survived all the hurdles to give us something we really want! A chance to try a product before we actually splurge on them giving us our had-earned money's worth!

It's true that if you have the purest intentions, you will succeed and I am proud to have seen these four ladies stand before us at the event and share with us how successful it has been.

And we all reap from their hard work because.... Free products!

Here is my photo diary of our short trip to Balai Indang at Tagaytay.

One of the highlight of the event was using the FujiFilm X-A2 that most sossy bloggers are using now. Most bloggers friends I know switched to X-A2. I don't blame them since the finish using the auto-mode is awesome. I didn't have enough time to play with the settings but I the photos using the auto-mode were really fantastic for event. I would though, stick to Canon and Nikon, for swatches for it's true-color quality. If you're a newbie blogger ready to drop 27K on a new camera, you should get this. It would get you going and give you really instagram-worthy photos.

It was so nice to bond with these ladies. I missed all these girls. I still can't believe that it's nearing a decade since we all met. I hope I get to keep these ladies as friends forever because aside from having the same passion for ebauty and blogging, these ladies have great big hearts and personalities and I love each one of them.

Hello, @iambrigite! 

Jheng, my dear friend, came home from Dubai for vacation and we're so happy she got to join us for a day in this event. Kahit sandali lang at elast nakasama namin siya before she leaves Manila again. Can't wait for December!

We were excited with what's about to unfold! Thank God the weather cooperated that day with us, too.

DJ Ingrid Nieto (woman in pink dress above), hosted the event. Sophie was front and center sharing with us the growth of Sample Room and how well-received it's been since its launch. To simulate again that experience. We were treated to a sampling!

Famous beauty and wellness brands joined us that day. There's Clium and Belo to give us toxin-free and luminous skin. C-Lium is a go to supplement to add fiber in my diet. it's been excpetional helpful during the time I was pregnant and now that I am trying to lose weight. The Belo Collagen is a popular treat for younger-looking skin! Add it with your favorite and reap its benefit starting from the inside!

Our favorite luxurious Koean beauty brand joined the event and I couldn't help falling in love with their Highllighter Cushion! Of course, Shiseido is not laggin behind with samplers of the newest from their Ibuki Line. That quick fix mist is L-O-V-E for women with oily and porous skin like mine. Great to keeping my skin fresh all day!

More Japanese beauty treats from Aqua and Babyfoot. If peeling is your game then be armed with these two. Aqua is one of the safest to exfoliate your skin. So tugging, roughness using beads scrubs. Apply and feel the dead skin fall off from your face! 

Babyfoot is a breakthrough product that will be the end of your kalyo-ridden feet! Nothing is more unflattering than an unkept footies! Babyfoot is a foot sock containing ingredients that would help the skin peel that will result to smoother, fairer looking feet! Yey!

Love from our favorite brands like Vaseline, Lux and Pantene were also present at the event to showcase their new and best-selling products! There's ultra moisturizing lotion from Vaseline, LUX Magic Spell body wash and our favorite conditioner, Pantene 3-Minute Miracle!

Cutl faves Soffia by Charm Brushes and Zenzest were part, too!

Soffia are awesome! I've been using their flattop brush for 2 years now and it is still good as new. While Zenzest made us take home their relaxing scented candles. Just thinking of the scent now puts in a spa mindset.

Beauty and Butter treated us to a hand massage and mani during the event. Thank you!

with Tara of ChroniclesofVanity!

Jheng and Phoebe!

Beauty Bloggers in the house with Sharlyn!

If there's a hand massage, there is naturally a foot massage! :)

Missing Nikki, Jaimie and Dhang! Love you, #TeamE

It was such an amazing day! I'm blessed to be a part of this event and meet such great community. It goes to show that you will always find your tribe and it will take you in, no questions asked. You just ahve to love who you are and be that person! No need to hide and pretend to anything but YOU and you'll be directed to people who loves the same things as you do.

Now if you haven't tried Sample Room, head to their

Congratulations, Sample Room! So happy with your growth and I look forward to celebrating more years with you!

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