Ten Things I Learned About Sandara Park

I was one of the few people allowed to see Sandara Park for a few minutes for a private press interview. I gotta tahnk peeps at ARC PR who were able to pull some strings so I can get in! I was just going to take photos of her but I couldn't help but linger to listen to her interviews with the press. Sandara returned to Manila for a series of events and appearances with Penshoppe. Penshoppe is homegrown fashion brands that's been known to tie themselves with the trendsetters, hottest celebrities here and abroad with the likes of Kendall Jenner, Zac Efron and Lucky Blue Smith. With Sandara being one of their sought after style icons, Penshoppe thought to invite her over as a thank you for allthe support people ahs been giving Sandara and Penshoppe. With her in town, it was also the right time to re-launch Denim Labd scents that's great to use this Summer.

Here some of the things I found out about this KPOP Queen that is followed by millions all over the world and have made Dara a household name.

1. She is wacky!

Looking at her on screen, you'd think that she's prim and proper at all times but what people doesn't know is that this girl is the "makulit"person out of the 2NE1 girls. She's quick to laugh, witty and has sweetest smile even if no one is looking.

2. She loves Pants over anything else 

Whenever people would ask her what's her favorite thing to wear, she would always refer to pants. She's happy that the latest trend now is gearing towards more of this style and that Penshopppe is making this available for everyone for cheap!

Consider as an Asian Style Icon, Dara's preference in her #ootd's usually depends where she's going. And though pants is her first choice, she also loves mix and matching. I love that her preferrence leans on comfortable yet stylish clothing. There's an 80's vibe to some of the fashion choices she's been making and not much of showing of skin are involve.

3. She is not used to being just by herself

Most of her life has all been about being one of four girls of 2NE1, she confessed that she is getting used to being by herself and that she misses all her girls back in Korea.

4. CL called her to congratulate and wish her well before she got to Manila!

How sweet is that! Not only did Park Bom visited her here, it seems that all her 2NE1 girl's ready to support her no matter what. And no wonder these girls are faring well in their chosen.

5. Sandara's Team and Manager all look super young and pretty!

I don't have their pictures but I think Dara's team of stylist, makeup-artist and even her manager belong on a Kpop girl group! They are flawless, stylish and uber pretty!

6. Sandara loves to speak Tagalog!

Dara still speaks Tagalog fluently and spoke to everyone in our native language. All her interviews were conducted in Tagalog that surprised many of the press people. It reminded me so much of her movie, Can This Be Love, that I watch on Cinema One when ever it airs.

7. You make her sad when you say bad things about her photos on Instagram

If you think being a famous celebrity has given Dara thick skin, you're wrong. She's much like you and me who hurts whenever people bully her online. I hope this stops trolls on preying on girls and bully them on social media!

8. Sandara splurges on sneakers!

Shhh! Don't tell her momma. But aside from clothes, Sandara loves collecting sneakers. Well, it's pretty evident with her Instagram posts I check out once in a while.

9. She's a beauty addict just like the rest of us!

Though most of the time she leaves it to the hands of her makeup artist, Dara also loves to prettify herself whenever she can. She loves simple makeup look that enhances her skin and gives her that dewy glow look.

10. She's still the krung-krung we ALL LOVE!

I love it when we see celebrities who look as gorgeous and lovely as the first day we saw them on screen. But Dara, she's is fresher, definitely more exquisite than ever. But you see and feel that she is still that innocent little girl inside like. Not a trace of air-headedness. She's polite, humble and soft-spoken. Not all the fame in the world can falter this young lady and whatever she's doing, I definitely hope she keeps it up!

Congratulations, Penshoppe, for bringing home this fine young lady and for the chance to see her! She's definitely what children and young adults should look up to!

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  1. Nice article! Dara is such a bae! ^^

  2. Such a well-written article and so insightful. I'm glad to know Dara is a true sweetheart. I stan the right girl. Thank you for sharing! ❤️

  3. It was great having you, Shen! Thank you so much! :)


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